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Breathe in, Horatio

Back in the A-plot, Horatio and Alexx are hanging out in the morgue as Alexx slices open the overdose. She fills in, "Nineteen years young. Detective said he just got accepted into Vanderbilt Busy School, working toward a pilot's license. Flew solo for the first time yesterday. Went out last night to celebrate with friends. They say he took one tab of E. When he didn't get high, took a handful. Collapsed at a club called Fate." They both chuckle, and Horatio adds, "And the devil laughed." And the FAA sighed in relief -- I don't know about y'all, but the idea of anyone addled on Ecstasy in the cockpit fills me with trepidation. I'd expect him to crash the plane because he was too busy hugging the copilot to bother steering. Alexx and Horatio get down to stomach contents, and Alexx reassures him, "Analysis will determine if it's MDP2P." Horatio comments, "I'm hoping that one or two of the pills didn't dissolve before he expired." Alexx asks, "You're hoping for a stamp?" "Call me crazy," Horatio replies. That wasn't the first adjective on my list, but I'll take an opening when it presents itself: crazy! Crazy! Crazy! Fortunately, Alexx produces a pill, and -- surprise, surprise -- it's a diamond sun. "'Please allow me to introduce myself,'" Horatio quips, before complimenting Alexx on her forceps skills and taking off.

As it turns out, Horatio's collecting Speedle, who asks, "If you found a pill with Wilmont's company stamp on it, why are you going to see the cook again?" "Because he's weak. Wilmont is the target, but Kimble is our ammunition," replies Horatio. Off they go to load their weapons, so to speak.

While those two are off on another Sensei-Grasshopper Humvee ride, Delko and Calleigh are putting together their case. Delko talks about the incredible amount of gossip coming out of the place, which makes it hard to separate hearsay from fact. Calleigh adds that Keith Sewell's alibi checks out, so he's out as a suspect, and that Betty's harem gave up their clothes for samples way too easily. Calleigh says in exasperation, "You saw the blood in the condo -- there is no way a killer is getting out of there without getting bloody." The two of them run down all the false leads -- the boyfriends whose stories check out -- and conclude that they're stumped. "It's a dead end," Calleigh sighs. Delko gazes deep into her baby blues, then gets inspiration.

Remember that piece of paper submerged in a pool of blood? It's time to see what it says. Delko and Calleigh peel off the bigger patches, then soak the paper in some sort of solvent that dissolves the rest, and finally get a readable document. Calleigh puts it on the light table, and we read:

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