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Breathe in, Horatio

It was great that you called on Friday. I was just back from my trip to Hawaii and I stopped by the office to pick up any upcoming work. I was able to draft the amendment to your will over the weekend. I'm sure you would be happy to know that all things will be in good hands. We have made the changes you asked for and it is a done deal. Don't worry about this amendment any further. The amendment will read as follows: This is to inform you the Codicil to your will has been completed and signed and is effective as of Nov. 04 2002. I hope this will put a smile on your face as we put this will to rest.

Delko laughs, since this means Leo Kling -- the guy he was talking to by the pool -- was right about Betty changing her will. Calleigh insists, "Pearl Abrams did not kill her sister." Delko shoots back, "Yeah, well, somebody did."

And now, we go back to the Miami version of The Weakest Link. It turns out he's also the newly dead link, as Horatio notices Kimble slumped over in his car. "Paging Dr. Wilmont," he says darkly. He and Speedle continue to look down at the body, and Horatio notes, "Cluster wounds, right on the money." "He didn't even have time to fight back," Speedle says. Horatio gives another lesson in crime-scene reading by replying, "That's right -- because he was sitting with somebody he trusted, wasn't he? You know what? Get the Bullard." I love how these guys just whip out these gadgets whenever the mood strikes; no doubt, one of these days, Horatio's going to be all, "Speed, get my magic wand and fairy dust," and Speedle will.

Next thing we know, Speedle's waving around something that looks like a Black & Decker handsaw and telling Horatio about the relatively recent body heat imprint on the seat. They're able to determine that the murderer braced himself for the stabbing, based on the strength of the heat imprint in the legs relative to the rest of the body, and they find a big blank spot in the back. Horatio looks at the square and says, "What the hell is that?" Speedle replies that he's going to take the image back to the AV lab and try to enhance it.

Back at the B-plot, Delko and Calleigh -- who, by the way, have quite an enjoyable working chemistry -- are in Betty's bedroom. Delko's crouching on the floor and Calleigh's pacing around, saying, "When you've eliminated all the suspects and the evidence doesn't make sense, it's nice to put it in context." Delko begins thinking out loud: "We know all this blood is Betty Rosen's." Calleigh replies, "So we reevaluate the 'how' to get us to the 'who.'" Or go back to minute three of this episode, when you segued to the credits. Anyway, Delko and Calleigh proceed to string the apartment, mapping each blood spatter in an effort to create a tangible map to find the point of origin. Then they walk it:

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