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Breathe in, Horatio

Horatio, meanwhile, is taking all sorts of pictures of Kimble's stab wounds as Speedle photographs the knife. Surprise, surprise: the hilt shape matches the stab patterns on the wound. Horatio breaks the news to Wilmont and his lawyer with no small amount of satisfaction. He then warmly thanks Wilmont for handing over the knife that will lead to a negligent homicide charge, a not-so-negligent homicide charge, and who knows what for the OD. Wilmont takes this all in without changing expression, which, in my opinion, is like the most effective anti-Botox moment ever, as it demonstrates the creepy expressionlessness that the excessively treated get after a while. And it's not even good Botox, since Wilmont's sporting a set of forehead furrows.

Anyway, Horatio thanks him, then heads out the door to return the focus of this case to its rightful place, i.e. him. After a conversation with Alexx where he's all, "For me, it is all about the victims, especially the ones who die too young, too soon" (causing me and Mr. Sobell to sing, "Liiii-ar! Liiii-ar! Liiii-ar!") before going off to brood at his brother's graveside, leaving us all to wonder when we're going to be treated to the episode about how Raymond Caine died too young, too soon. According to his gravestone (10/24/68 -- 03/18/93), Raymond was only twenty-four when he died, so you know that story's coming sooner or later. And when it does, Horatio will be there to brood over it.

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