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Breathe in, Horatio

The first thing they run into a detective who, while surrounded by a crowd of elderly folks, says, "When I die, I want to go in my sleep." We find out that the deceased is Betty Rosen, age 81, who lived with her sister Pearl. Delko asks, "How bad is it?" and Detective Whoever says, "Massacre." I'm not sure this is the kind of conversation you want to have with spectators milling about. Calleigh and Delko head in; the otherwise tidy, pastel-decorated apartment is indeed liberally splashed with blood. The two then stop at the doorway of the bedroom, where Betty's frail body is lying on its side. We can see the blood pooled in her hand. As the camera shifts perspective so that we see Calleigh and Delko walking into the room, it lingers on Betty's bloodied head. Delko says, "I'll take the one-to-ones," and then we see a slow-motion pan up to Calleigh (makeup report: still caked on) looking around the apartment at each individual blood splotch and imagining Betty's cries at each point of impact. I've got to come up with a name for this kind of effect. Calleigh blinks again and begins putting on her gloves as Delko begins snapping photos of Betty. "She really took a beating," he comments. Thank God the producers decide to show us in a flashback. Calleigh begins rattling off likely reasons: "Home invasion. Sexual predator..." Delko's all, "Maybe we've got a serial." Calleigh scoffs at this. Just then Alexx appears in the door and decrees, "One cold-hearted bastard to prey on the elderly." Delko arches an eyebrow and goes to say something, and Alexx cuts him off with the hand, saying, "Don't give me that look 'cause it's written all over your faces too." Calleigh grins slightly at that.

Alexx then bends to Betty and turns her over. Betty did take a hell of a beating; in addition to the bloody face, both her eyes are blackened. I realize that the elderly bruise easily, but it's still appalling to see. Alexx lifts her to slide up the body bag and notes, "Skull is fractured -- probably blunt force trauma. I'll need to clean her up to see more. Not how you planned to end your golden years, is it, Betty? Ninety-three degrees. Puts her time of death at about 2 AM." Calleigh says, "Blood pools indicate time of attack was earlier." Alexx shows that she knows how to delegate with, "Your job, honey. Mine begins with death." Cue the science montage: the most noteworthy details are the broken glass in the lawn outside Betty's window, and the piece of paper submerged in a large pool of blood in the kitchen area. Delko lifts out the paper and carefully sets it on a cardboard sheet: "Must be important to somebody."

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