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Breathe in, Horatio

Back at Brackenhurst, Calleigh's talking to Betty's sister Pearl. We establish that Pearl and Betty lived together, and Pearl tells Calleigh, "We take care of each other." Calleigh, who's wearing a transparent peach top with still more gathered, puffy sleeves (these are short) in yet another attempt to whip us all into a nostalgic frenzy for clothing c. 1983, asks, "But the night she died...?" Pearl tells us, "I was in Coral Gables, with friends. It got late. I can't drive at night. I told her I didn't want to go, she said, 'Go out, have some fun.'" Calleigh's clearly torn between trying to sympathize with the old woman and trying to remain professionally detached. She asks, "Can you think of anyone who would want to hurt Betty?" Pearl says, "Oh, no. She was voted the most popular. Everyone loves her, especially the men. You look a lot like her. She loved to wear her hair long down her back. Just like you." Calleigh suddenly gets all businesslike: "Did anybody know she was alone that night?" Like, say, a paid caregiver? A nurse? Someone who knows that late-stage Alzheimer's patients plus unsupervised time often equals trouble? Pearl replies, "Everybody. Betty never could keep a secret." Calleigh just looks at Pearl, perhaps thinking of all the differences between herself and Betty.

We leave Golden Negligence Retirement Village for the lab, where Speedle is coming in and apologizing to Horatio for his tardiness, explaining, "I got jammed up on the causeway." Without looking up from the bench, Horatio says, "No worries. Pam again?" Speedle looks over and asks, "How'd you know?" Horatio points out, "You've got the same clothes on you had on yesterday." Oh, there's just so much wrong with this scene -- where do I start? With the horrifying implication that Speedle's comfortable chatting about his sex life with Horatio? Or with the dismaying realization that the man hasn't gotten to the point where he's smart enough to shove a fresh shirt and skivvies in his bag so he can fake sartorial competency? Since it's Speedle, the shirt doesn't even have to be unwrinkled -- just make sure you're equipped for a sleepover. Speedle quickly changes the subject with, "So is that glass from the clan house?" It sure is. There's nothing on it, but Horatio was about to superglue the glove -- a process that requires a closed glass chamber -- and he graciously lets Speedle do the work instead. Speedle asks, "Did they have powdered gloves when you were coming up?" Horatio replies, "No powdered gloves, no cell phones, no DNA." Speedle can't fathom the idea of a life without cell phones. Just then, the appearance of a fingerprint saves us all from a lecture on the history of wireless communication technologies. The two men then take the print over to AFIS.

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