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Cut to Horatio sitting alone, leafing through page after page of girlish, rounded handwriting. Calleigh interrupts him, and Horatio tells her, "So we've been going through the letters we found in Dara's room, and they appear to be written in some type of a code." Who is this "we" to whom he refers? Calleigh asks not; she simply states that a lot of fifteen-year-old girls do that. Horatio says, "Listen to this: 'Tell QB no more. You have to get the hell out of there.' This girl has a secret, doesn't she?" Calleigh replies, "Our leeches just gave up their secret." And their lives, too. Horatio looks up and says, "You recovered the rest of her blood?" Calleigh replies, "In over half the samples. And Lord knows how many more are burrowed out there, digesting. It was death by leech." Horatio replies, "Well, they may have killed her, but they didn't move her body, did they?"

In the next scene, the girls from Barracks 2 are lined up outside, but Horatio's ignoring them in favor of calling Megan and talking to her voicemail. An anvil with the message "Another Clue Leading Towards Megan's Abrupt Departure" written on the side whizzes by, missing Horatio's head by only a few inches. Damn! Anyway, Calleigh comes out and gives Horatio the bad news that Cawdrey's completely innocent. Horatio's okay with that, what with him about to inspect the gams of Barracks 2 for leech bites. He gets no bites, so to speak, until he notices Morales dawdling after Barreiro barks, "Double time!" Horatio says, "You heard her Louise?" Morales looks up, startled. Horatio continues, "That's your nickname, isn't it?" She replies, "Sir, this cadet's name is Julie Morales, sir!" Barreiro asks, "Will that be all, sir?" Why, no -- Horatio wants to see her shins too. The ominous percussion starts in, so we are not at all startled when we see the leech bites on her calf.

Back in the B-plot, which feels as though it's taking place on a parallel show, Speedle is interrogating Motor. He's actually quite competent at it. We find out that Stango was selling Motor bad gas and trying to pass it off as 120-grade. Motor replies, "That bunk locked up my engine. It cost me three grand." Speedle concedes that he'd be pissed, then blows all the points he gets for competency by awkwardly adding, "It sounds like motive for murder." Motor has no idea where Speedle's going with this, and all we establish is that Motor wanted to talk about his bad gas, hence the seventy-four calls. Delko asks about the one call that went through on the morning of Stango's death, and Motor replies, "I star-67'd him, and when he picked up, the line went dead." Speedle and Delko do a lot of staring at each other as the scene ends.

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