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Ahem. Anyway. Horatio's back at his desk, and he's reading a letter when Sevilla comes in. She says, "Me and the guys are going for a beer. Do you want to come?" Horatio asks if Sevilla will take a raincheck. She asks if he's all right, and he replies, "Megan resigned. She said that work was too much of a reminder of her husband's death." And then she apologized for the abruptness with which she developed this aversion, the complete lack of clues leading to this resignation, or anything else that would have made this look like anything other than a hasty firing. Or maybe that's wishful thinking on my part. Sevilla comments, "It's a shame. She's a good criminalist." "She was. She was indeed," says Horatio. Not that he ever bothered to share that assessment with her. He then turns Megan's decision into a personal moment about him and how much better he is: "I almost walked once." He's clearly dying for Sevilla to ask him about it, but she only says, "I'll see you tomorrow." She leaves so Horatio can brood in peace over a picture of a dead Caine -- Raymond Caine, 1968 - 1993. And the episode ends with him brooding over how he's been hurt too, but he doesn't quit, because he's Horatio Caine and you're not.

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