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In the next scene, Calleigh's telling Horatio that AFIS has kicked back nothing on the mystery set of diaphragm prints. She asks if Cawdrey's prints will yield a match. Horatio's beginning to think not -- "there's no semen, and anyone could have ridden this ATV." Calleigh asks about the blood on Cawdrey's zipper, and Horatio admits that "I think there might be another explanation." We see said explanation: Cawdrey riding the ATV, stopping, opening up the area in which the keys are, inadvertently getting blood on his hands as he picks up the keys, then stopping at the loo, where the blood is then transferred to his zipper. We get another bizarre Horatio-looking-down-his-nose shot -- which really isn't a camera angle that flatters anyone -- and Calleigh asks, "Are you thinking passive transfer?" Horatio is.

B-plot time: Speedle's sitting at a lab bench and pondering the mysteries of the universe when Delko walks by and says, "Hey, man." "Where have you been? Your mother and I were worried!" Speedle replies. Well, not the part about the mother, but he is weirdly parental with Delko. Delko says he's been at the DNA lab, which is laboring under an overwhelming workload. He adds, "I got to talk to Megan about that." Speedle adds, "Stand in line. I left her three messages already." Delko says, "Yeah. Something's going on." Yeah -- like a poorly planned don't let the door hit your pirate-pantsed ass on the way out, Megan attempt at foreshadowing. God, this is poorly done. If she's being uncharacteristically hard to reach, comment on that, so the departure seems startling. This way is just lame. Speedle neither confirms nor denies that Megan's MIA status is odd -- which is weird, what with him having worked really closely with her, having given some evidence of missing her when she was out, and having sustained the general impression that he's notice if she vanished one day -- and directs talk back to the case, where we find out that Stango was stupid enough to be siphoning gas with a plastic tube and a suck-and-blow move, as opposed to using something like a turkey baster which would actually provide the suction for him. We also find out that the gas Stango was suctioning was high-octane stuff; according to Speedle, it's "one-twenty plus, got zero alcohols or oxygenates." Delko replies, "It's used for high-performance, large-bore engines. Super Vees. He was stealing from his neighbors." Speedle continues, "The thing about 120-plus is that it's very dangerous. It's got a low flashpoint -- you're not even supposed to store it in the sun." Delko replies, "You can't buy it at the pump either." Speedle muses that Stango's theft must have been harming his social relations, but Delko counters, "You wouldn't know it from his cell phone log." The point is that of the last one hundred incoming calls Stango had, seventy-four came from someone named "Motor."

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