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dear Belle

Or should I call you jezebelle for the way you have betrayed us. Janet is so upset about Michael shes holed up in bed and can hardly get up. shes crying non-stop. You made promises and gave us hope but then you couldn't deliver. I don't want to see the same thing happen with Hank. That's why I writing to tell you to stay the hell away from us. Everytime you leave a message its like a bullet in our hearts. You may not keep your promises but I do and I promise that if you dont let this thing with hank go there will be a bullet for you. If you ever try to contact us again i'll kill you and thats a promise.

Well, the props department got the illiterate incoherence part of hate mail right.

Horatio's stuck on the sentence "If you ever try to contact us again i'll kill you and thats a promise." Belle explains, "He wrote that right after his oldest son died. It was horrible. I still wanted to fight for Hank. He's seven now, he's doing fine, we worked everything out. In fact, Janet still leaves me fresh orange juice every couple of days to celebrate the clean new water." Horatio's Crimey Senses are tingling, and he asks, "Did she do that yesterday?" Belle says, smiling, "Yeah." Horatio asks tensely, "And did you drink it?" All traces of a smile have disappeared from Belle's face. Horatio calls for Calleigh, and the next thing we see is the drop of sulfur leaving Calleigh's dropper and plashing into the surface of the orange juice, instantly turning it cloudy and releasing fumes. Calleigh states the obvious: "It's positive for iodine." Belle stares at the fatal orange juice, looking acutely betrayed.

When we get back from commercial, Horatio is sitting across the table from angry Mr. Carver and his juice-delivering missus, saying in measured tones, "Recently, Belle won a class-action suit for you against a power plant for $200,000. I guess I'm a little confused as to why there are still hard feelings." Janet Carver immediately protests that there aren't hard feelings. Horatio reads the last line of the letter again: "'If you ever try to contact us again i'll kill you and thats a promise.'" Sam Carver rolls his eyes and explains, "She dragged her feet on the case, holding out for more money --" "She had a responsibility to everyone in the lawsuit, Sam, not just us," Janet points out, so I don't have to. Sam counters, "While our older son died!" Janet explains to Horatio that yes, they could have used the money from an early settlement to move, but they've moved now and their youngest, Hank, is in a really good school with wheelchair access. Horatio points out that it seems like Sam still has some anger-management issues with Belle. Sam leans forward and says, "Two hundred thousand dollars. Does that seem like enough to you?" Horatio replies simply, "Of course not. I'm sorry for your loss."

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