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Nothing on the shoes. As if we care.

Speedle and Horatio are looking at the photos now, looking for clues as to who might have taken them. Horatio notices something on the door, and says, "That's a levered deadbolt." In other words, there's no freon. Speedle goes for the picture; Horatio looks at it, and says, "That's a new lock, isn't it? So if she took the pictures, she didn't have to break in to do it, did she?" Oh, God, irritation over superfluous questions flooding back...Horatio concludes, "Somebody let her in, which means she was protecting an insider." Speedle mentions that he found the film in the panic candy box, so that may have been what they used to exchange information. They conclude from the camera also found in Belle's office that the insider used that camera to take pictures, so maybe they can peg his or her ID with that. Horatio orders Speedle to harass the fingerprint lab.

Then he heads off to harass Belle as she sits in a wheelchair and feebly throws feed at her chickens. For a woman who's got less than a week to live, she sure has an empty house -- where are all her relatives? Where are the medical personnel who presumably provided her with that chair? Belle smiles up at him, but her face quickly falls as she catches sight of Horatio's expression. Then he begins speaking: "You misled me, Belle, didn't you? You have a source inside Risher, and I want to know who it is." Belle insists, "He has nothing to do with this." Horatio asks, "No? He took the pictures, he knows where they store the iodine, he's involved, and I want his name." Belle says warmly, "He'd never hurt me." Horatio plays hardball, saying, "Belle, either you give me his name, or I'm going to get it myself." Belle pleads, "If you expose my source, my evidence will be inadmissible and it will ruin my case against Risher." Horatio says levelly, "I think he poisoned you." Belle pauses for a moment, then says, "I'm one victim. Do you know how many other people will be killed by Risher?" Horatio replies, "Right now, my concern is you." Belle thinks hard but says nothing.

Horatio goes back to the lab and works on the camera with Speedle. There aren't any fingerprints on the camera at all, which is frustrating, but then Horatio notices how blurry the lens is. He notices that it's because the diopter is set at 60, and Speedle explains, "Diopters refer to the curvature of the lens. Increase the diopter, the lens gets thicker, refracting the light and making the image appear larger and in focus." Horatio notes that this diopter is set for farsightedness, and Belle is nearsighted.

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