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Erin Crockovich

In the next scene, Horatio's attending Belle in her sickroom. He calls her name, and she wakes up. He softly tells her, "You were right." "About what?" she asks. Horatio tells her that her pictures of Risher confirmed that he was dirty, and Horatio's evidence was obtained with a warrant, so he can use that to bolster her case in court. Belle rasps, "Horatio. Tell the world." "I will," he promises in a whisper. Belle then thanks him in a whisper, and Horatio thanks her in return. They hang out in silence together as the episode ends, and as the camera pulls back, I hold my breath that we'll see the five-day hourglass running out. But then the screen goes dark, and I can breathe out again.

However, I may pass out from the shock of actually liking that episode. I'm just going to take deep breaths until the feeling passes.

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