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In the lab, Horatio's busy trying to come up with scenarios where junkies happen to come across syringes filled with radioactive material, and whom Carl would have held up to get the materials. DeSoto points out, "Any trained delivery guy would have handed it over and notified with Nuclear Regulatory Commission. So you're looking for a thief who steals radioactive isotopes." Horatio adds, "In syringe form. He's going to take as many as he can." DeSoto asks, "Radioactive materials -- are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Horatio replies, "You're thinking terrorism? I think the doses are too low." And I think this show skirts the line between topicality and inappropriate sensationalism. Horatio then shows DeSoto the money. It snaps, crackles, and pops -- and DeSoto identifies it as Iodine 131 at the end of its half-life, a low-level radiation that should be okay for everyone in the lab. Horatio is audibly relieved.

Delko finally ducks out and rushes over to the waiting Speedle and Calleigh. He tells them, "The guy says my exposure was equal to what a pilot gets on a flight to Paris." Calleigh replies, "Well, next time, take the trip to Paris. It'll be easier on all of us." Awww, it's so cute how Speedle and Calleigh were worried about him. Delko laughs, "Tell me about it. I heard radioactivity can cause temporary infertility." Speedle shoots back, "So you and your girlfriend are temporarily in luck." Heh. Also, can you imagine? "Baby, get over that headache! I'm not sure how much longer this is going to last! Have some Advil. It goes great with this Barry White album, doesn't it?" Delko's not looking at the glass as half-full, as he adds, "Or permanently screwed." Just then DeSoto bursts onto the scene and says, "Hey, heard you were worried about having children." What, was he eavesdropping, or is the entire RM team talking about the diver who's worried that his swimmers are stunted? Either way, it's kind of unsettling how he just pops in on a conversation about fertility. DeSoto hands Delko a small device and assures him, "This'll keep you safe. The bell rings near radiation." He then pats him on the back and hustles off while Delko and Calleigh stare, clearly thinking, "Who was that man?" Speedle caps the situation perfectly by saying drying, "That was nice."

Back in the lab, a besuited Horatio is busy boiling the gook off the pencil until he can read its lettering. We find out that the B. King stands for Belle King, practicing attorney, and within seconds, Vin Ethanol, Delko, and Horatio are standing in front of her office. Vin Ethanol tells everyone that Belle specializes in environmental law. Then they go to ring Belle's buzzer; a thousand dogs bark in response. Vin Ethanol shouts into the intercom, "It's the Miami-Dade police department." She buzzes them in, and Vin opens the door a crack, flashing his badge when a woman commands him over the dogs to do so. Once she sees the badges, she clicks off the tape recorder which was responsible for the dog barking. That's too bad -- I'd like to see a case where someone with a lot of animals is not actually eaten by her pets, but rather, just has 'em hanging around. As the men come inside, Belle smiles slightly and says, "Sorry about that, but you can never be too careful. So what can I do for you officers?" Horatio tells her he's got a warrant to search the premises, and she says coolly, "Well, whatever you're looking for, my position is it's covered by client-attorney privilege, work product included." Lawyers must be an extraordinary pain in the ass to deal with at moments like these. Horatio says levelly that they're CSIs, and Belle thinks this over for the few moments it takes her to say, "I'm calling the issuing judge. Thank you." That "thank you" is directed at Delko, whose fingers she just snatched the warrant from, and as she sidles past him, his Geiger counter goes off. He brings it out and waves it at Belle, and the counter goes crazy.

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