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Within seconds, we see Belle, wrapped in a blanket, being hustled out by the RM team as Horatio and Delko watch. Since Belle pretty much is the radioactive site, there's evidently no need to contain anything else. Delko says, "Ten times the level of the lab." We go to commercial so that can sink in.

Once we're back, Belle is making medical machinery snap, crackle, and pop. As she lies on an examining table in an isolated room, she looks over to where Horatio's talking to a doctor and keeps on staring at him; he looks back, and it's all very moving. If that isn't visual shorthand for "Belle is doomed," I don't know what is.

Horatio walks out into the hospital lobby where, for reasons that pass beyond human understanding, Speedle and Calleigh are hanging out. They shoot to their feet when he comes in, and Speedle asks, "What'd the doctor say?" Horatio replies, "The doctor said we have a murder victim on our hands and she has less than one week to live. She's not contagious. Let's find Eric and tell him to process the cash from the crime scene; it's safe to touch now. Calleigh, let's go to Belle's home. Iodine 131 decays into normal iodine. That's what you're looking for." Instead of asking Horatio what he'll be doing at Belle's house, Calleigh just notes that iodine reacts to sulfur, so she'll put some in her kit, and Horatio's too. Horatio then kemosabes Speedle with, "Let's go to Belle's office and see if any of her enemies have left her a warning."

After his underlings scamper off, Horatio comes into Belle's examining room. She's sitting on the edge of the table wearing her examining gown and wrapped in a blanket. Belle checks him out and says, "No silver jumpsuit. I guess that means I'm all better, hmm?" Horatio winces before replying, "Well, umm, you've actually ingested some isotopes. An isotope called iodine 131." Belle's quick: "The stuff they use for cancer therapy. But I-I haven't ingested anything. And even if I did ingest a little bit of iodine 131 it wouldn't kill you." Horatio refrains from pointing out, "Wrong again, Belle!" He just soldiers on, saying, "Actually, you ingested quite a bit." Belle asks, "Well, how much?" Horatio looks awkward and begins, "It's my understanding at these concentration levels --" "How much?" Belle asks again. Horatio can't quite meet her eyes as he begins, "Roughly equivalent to what four radiation treatment patients ingest in, say, a six-month period." He's finally looking at her. Belle laughs in disbelief, and we go to the TMIcam shot of her radiation-riddled organs. Belle insists, "Somebody's making a mistake. It's not true. I didn't eat or drink iodine 131." Horatio cuts her off with, "We think you were poisoned. Now, the doctor is coming in --" "How long?" Belle interrupts tensely. Horatio looks at her with a great deal of compassion, and says, "We think you have about a week." Understandably, Belle looks shocked. She looks back at Horatio, who's looking agonized, and he whispers, "I'm sorry." Belle replies, "Not even enough time for all my hair to fall out." A-ha! She remembers The Day After too! Horatio wants to do something, so he asks, "Is there somebody I can call?" Belle begins rattling off some relatives, then stops herself, saying she'll make the calls. Horatio's pulled back into business mode and tells her he's going to want to ask some questions. "Like who would want to kill me?" Belle shoots back. "That would be a start," Horatio says. Belle nods. Oh, these two. They've made a connection. They've made Horatio likable in this scene. And now my world is turned upside down because of that. Black is white! Day is night! Nestle's is Scharffen Berger!

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