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In the next scene, Horatio and Belle are walking past the hot dog stand they've clearly just stopped at. Well, if you've got a week to live, there's no point in worrying about the nitrites in a foot-long. They're busy talking about Belle's enemies list, which is a foot long too. Horatio wants to know if Belle met with any of her enemies recently, and she says, "I met with Twin Creeks power plant yesterday, whom I just sued for plume contamination. They hate me." Horatio asks if they brought her anything to drink. She says no, but she did have coffee in her next meeting with a nuclear weapons facility. Horatio asks if they brought her the coffee. Belle snaps, "No, actually, I got it from a vending machine, and if you keep interrupting me, I'm never going to get through my list of enemies." This makes Horatio smile. He bids Belle to go on. She does, telling him she met with Risher Pharmaceuticals, a company guilty of toxic disposal, and, as she says, "Misplaced isotopes and -- this is my favorite -- confusing isotopes so patients are injected with the wrong dosages. No meal, no drinks." Nice how she anticipated Horatio's query there. He asks, "Not even a glass of water?" Me, I'd be asking, "Do you see any connection between the isotope hijinks and your own malady?" but I'm naturally suspicious that way. Belle insists that she didn't even get a glass of water. Horatio asks how Belle's feeling, and she replies, "Not very hungry." He smiles in sympathy. World turning upside down, I tell you.

Meanwhile, Speedle's dealing with Belle's assistant. She's very calm and matter-of-fact. Presumably, he hasn't broken the news about her impending unemployment. He's asking if Belle gets a lot of hate mail and angry phone calls, and the assistant is telling him how every day brings a fresh batch of jackballs, but "Belle kicks ass." Speedle leans down and picks up a stack of papers, saying, "Yeah, I've seen these articles. She does a lot of pro bono work." This point is illustrated by the headline "Legal Aid for Chickens and Juice." For those who like to look at the other prop details as much as I do, this paper appears to be the Miami Glove (where the news fits the community like ...?), and the other headline, in much smaller type, is "INS Makes Big Bust in Miami." Either those big busts are incredibly routine or the prop people didn't think through what sort of newspaper section this is supposed to be, because you don't put the human interest story across four columns in a Christ-Is-Risen-sized font and shoehorn in the Feds elsewhere. Anyway, I then see that my presumption was wrong -- one shudders to imagine how Speedle broke the news of Belle's radiation poisoning -- as the assistant demands to know who's sick enough to want to do something like that to Belle. Speedle doesn't have an answer for her. He wanders over to the filing cabinets and begins pulling on the top drawer in the leftmost cabinet, finally asking, "Can you tell me what's in this drawer?" "Personal stuff," the assistant answers promptly. "Well, can you open it?" Speedle asks, a little less cordially. She gets up, eyeing him warily, and reluctantly opens it. Speedle thanks her, but she ignores her cue to clear out and watches him open the drawer. Speedle's now fully suspicious of her and the contents of this drawer, and nearly pulls a facial muscle trying to keep an eye on her while inspecting the drawer's contents at the same time. In no time at all, he finds a heart-shaped candy box, but the inside of the box holds not inferior drugstore panic chocolates (so named because of the look on people's faces at the CVS when I passed by on Friday night), but seven rolls of film. Speedle also finds a camera, and nods.

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