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Erin Crockovich

Back at the lab, Delko's processing the money and nervously checking the Geiger counter in his pocket every so often. That boy lacks the ability to live in the now.

Horatio and Belle are entering her yard, where her feathered friends await her. Horatio's amused by the chickens. Belle introduces them as Mary Ann, Linda, and Jean. Horatio asks if she supplies the neighbors with eggs, and Belle replies, "People pay me what they can." Here's where Horatio tries hard to tamp down the fantasy where Belle makes him a super-fresh omelet every morning before going off to inflict justice on corporate wrongdoers. DeSoto comes lurching out of the house -- Adam Baldwin specializes in abrupt and dramatic appearances, doesn't he? -- and announces, "Air's clean. If there's any iodine 131 left in there, it's lost its potency. I just let one of your CSIs in." For some reason, this amuses Horatio -- maybe he's still stuck in his omelet fantasy -- and he ushers Belle inside in fairly good spirits. Belle is not so cheery, as he's just asked her to put on latex gloves. When they meet Calleigh in the kitchen, Calleigh's a little stiff and tentative, and she announces that she's treated the dishes with sulfur and there's been no reaction so far. And all I'm going to say about Calleigh is that beige and khaki are not her fashion friends; few women can pull off that color combination without looking washed out, and none of them are wearing I Dream of Jeannie hair and Edina Monsoon's evening face.

Horatio ignores Calleigh to exclaim, "You collect hourglasses!" Of course, Belle does. We haven't had enough symbolism of time running out in this episode yet. Belle walks him over and shows her largest one to Horatio, saying, "My dad got me this one to remind me not to work on the weekends. It lasts for five days." Horatio's been smiling the whole time, and as Belle flips over the hourglass and sets its sands falling, his smile falters a little before returning. He's one smitten kitten. Horatio then checks out the potential competition by noting that someone's recently sent Belle flowers. They're from "a friend." Belle says, "Sometimes people like to say thanks anonymously. I don't question it if it's nice -- it helps to balance out all the hate mail. Speaking of which, there's one from Newhouse, Getty and Cooley." Horatio could care less about them, focusing instead on the single-spaced missive underneath. He asks, "Who's Sam Carver?" Belle explains, "An angry father lashing out at the world, not me. Where are my glasses? Good thing I didn't get that laser surgery to correct my nearsightedness." Ah, gallows humor. Good for her. Sam's letter reads:

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