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Let the Fire Cleanse You, Horatio!

Cut to the offices of Dr. Fraud. Horatio's asking him, "Did you know Florida has the highest percentage of unlicensed doctors in the U.S.?" And the highest percentage of deeply confused voters, but you don't see that getting dragged out in CSI: Miami, do you? Dr. Santoya did not realize he was in numerous company. Horatio asks Dr. Santoya how he came to fill out Dr. Nick's golf foursome, and Santoya responds, "I didn't report a gunshot victim I treated once." Frank thinks this is harsh punishment. Santoya admits that treating gunshot patients on the sly was something of a bad habit. Horatio snorts, "The ex-cons must love you." "Only platonically," Santoya clarifies, in an alternate universe on a show where hostile repartee keeps the scenes flowing. Santoya makes the "I'm just a humble barrio doctor" play and reminds us that losing one's medical license does not yet entail a comprehensive brainwashing to remove all those years of medical school and practice. Horatio -- who deeply resents anyone attempting to take the moral high ground he so clearly occupies -- snots, "So, you're one of the good guys." Yeah -- didn't you see his name in your Who's Who Among Good Guys volume? Horatio then looks around the office and finds some bloodstained dressings in a medical disposal can, along with a police-issued slug. Horatio asks who Santoya pulled the slug out of, and Santoya doesn't say anything. Frank steps in to say, "Officers are dead, and you're an accessory. Who the hell did you pull it out of?" Maybe I'm cranky and pugnacious, but this is about the point where Santoya tell them he's not saying another word until he has his lawyer. Then again, I wouldn't have let Horatio look around without a warrant. It amazes me that people on this show are perpetually letting the CSIs poke around without demanding a warrant up front. Santoya sighs as he visualizes his steady business from ex-cons evaporate, then replies, "Cassidy." We establish that Cassidy was brought in this morning -- this morning? You mean that IAB got set up and the evidence got processed in, like, three hours? How is this possible in the Miami that Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry are always carrying on about? Anyway, Santoya tells Horatio that it was a case of treating Cassidy or getting killed. That self-preservation argument fails to knock Horatio off his high horse. We find out that despite Santoya's recommendation to take the heavily-bleeding Cassidy to a hospital, his pals decided to dump him at someplace called the Hialeah.

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