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Let the Fire Cleanse You, Horatio!

We then see Speedle striding down the long, dark hallway; I guess the Miami-Dade powers that be make up for Horatio-related budget shortfalls by pinching pennies on utilities. Calleigh trots beside Speedle, asking if they can talk, and he tells her curtly that now is not a good time. She responds that she just wants to talk to him before she sends Horatio her final report on the shooting. Speedle bursts out, "My gun misfired, okay? I admit it. It misfired because I didn't clean it. That's why it jammed up, and that's why Hollis is dead. Okay? And I should probably resign." Calleigh rides on over him with, "That is not true. That was an ambush. He was shot from the left-hand side and there's nothing that you could have done about it. If you were Horatio, then you could have cleaned the gun with the power of your mind and instantly teleported over to the left side for an ambush, but you're only mortal, so live with it." Speedle pays attention to what she actually said (hint: about half of that quote) and makes disbelieving noises, and Calleigh finally gets to the point: "Next time it could be you, and I'm just begging you -- clean your gun." Speedle sighs, all embarrassed-like, "I get it." Speedle, my cats got it and they have brains the size of pecans. Calleigh wasn't laying out the key to the book of Revelation here. He tells her that he'll tell Big Red about his slovenly firearm maintenance. As Speedle leaves, Jack comes by to take Calleigh in to see the pissed-off polygraph tech. She puts off the interview until she's done one more knock-and-talk. Jack suspects she's delaying and says, "Don't make me call Lieutenant Caine." Calleigh gives him her best glare -- kind of hard to see through the panda makeup -- and says, "I wouldn't make my L.T. take a call from you." Besides, he's too busy walking his lonely road to take any calls.

Horatio's dusting the coffin for prints when Elena comes in to see how he's doing. Answer: not well. They talk some more about this mastermind Nedir Kire, then move on to the real point of the scene. Reporters have been buzzing around Elena because, "you know, [her] husband killed in the line of duty. Drug rip-off. And now, three years later, [her] brother-in-law, a drug-heist shootout." Okay, what is with the high incidence of widows in the Miami-Dade police force? First there was Megan [beat] Donner, now Elena Caine? Is there an intradepartmental dead pool? Maybe a bowling league for bereaved spouses? Horatio quickly concludes that they're talking about Rayas, and Elena fills in the long and hostile history between Horatio and this character who was introduced a scant thirty-eight minutes ago. Elena tells Horatio that she's glad he's okay, they have a Taster's Choice moment, and then the scene ends so that Horatio can brood about his dead brother as he continues to dust the coffin in a not-at-all-symbolic kind of way.

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