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Let the Fire Cleanse You, Horatio!

Meanwhile, Delko's coming up empty on Nedir Kire. What a surprise.

Calleigh's off doing her walk-and-talk, and now that we've moved out of the incredibly dark scenes, we're now looking at everything through the jaundice filter. She's in an alleyway pocked with bullet holes and she manages to find a round right off the bat. Detective Frank pulls up in his car and says, "This place looks like a battle zone. Look at all the stray gunfire. I swear to God, it's like the back seat of the family wagon. If I have to tell the wife one more time..." Actually, Calleigh cuts him off before we can get into his family turmoil, and says, "I'm not as concerned about the ones going in as the one that came out...I think this gives us cause to search the place." Off they go to knock on the door. It swings open to reveal a man who's carefully cultivated that artistic look -- longish hair, sculpted facial stubble -- and Calleigh asks, "Do you always work on Sundays?" The guy replies in one of those I'm foreign! And seductive! accents, "Only when I am expecting a visit from an angel." Calleigh's not charmed: "You might think I'm the devil in just a second." Nice try, loverboy; you should have opened the door while holding a small arsenal if you really wanted to shoot your way into Calleigh's heart.

The two cops come inside, and Calleigh asks if Arty Guy saw anything. He tells her, "I was hiding behind the limestone. It sounded like Liberty City on the Fourth of July. Plus I'm sensitive and my artistic temperament can't take the senseless violence." Frank asks, "Do you own a firearm, Mr. Tomassi?" Tomassi permanently eliminates himself from Calleigh's dating pool by replying in the negative. Frank asks if they can look around, and Tomassi's about to answer no, but then Calleigh fixes him with a smile and says, "It's important to recover all of the rounds in an officer-involved shooting." He melts. Cue the search, with Calleigh poking into every crevice of the dusty lab and ending up at a stack of extremely dusty limestone slabs. It's so dusty, in fact, that she has to keep rubbing her nose in order to breathe, but she manages to dig out a shell.

Cut to Calleigh taking her polygraph. The technician apparently likes her better than Speedle, since she's actually turned on the lights in the room. The woman asks, "Did you tell me your name was Calleigh Duquesne?" Calleigh rattles off, "Yes I did. But my nickname is Lamb Chop. But only my dad calls me that now." The technician gives her a thanks for sharing look and Calleigh babbles on, "Oh! I know. Okay, 'yes' or 'no' only. Fire away." We see Calleigh's readings, which are all over the place and presumably off -- again, not like we were ever given an explanation of what a baseline reading looks like, so we can hardly use this information to deduce anything on our own. The technician asks, "Did you consume any alcohol or drugs in an attempt to influence this exam?" Calleigh denies it with a wild, pop-eyed expression. The tech asks, "Did you process evidence for dispo day?" Calleigh most emphatically confirms that she did, and we see more nonsense scrawls on the polygraph. The tech asks, "Was that drug cocaine?" Calleigh happily agrees that it was and Jack looks up, suspicious.

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