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Let the Fire Cleanse You, Horatio!

Now, the desultory scene where Horatio, Delko, and Frank systematically destroy sheets of marble until Tomassi rolls over and confesses his part in all this. It takes two tiles, and then Tomassi shows them. Horatio's all, "I've seen it pressed into plastic before, but this is new." We flash to how it's done: the cocaine is suspended in a plaster-like organic adhesive which lets the cocaine harden in molds, and when it's time to move the drug, they simply wash the paste solid with a solution that's less dense than the pure cocaine so they can freeze off the waste and dry out the drug. Horatio points out to Tomassi, "Nice way to move the cocaine in plain sight, unless you're just laundering the profits. Either way, we've got you for murder." Tomassi says, "Murder? It's just coke." Horatio's all, "Courtesy of a couple of dead cops, it's not." His shaky bluff rattles Tomassi into claiming that he got this stuff from Haiti. Horatio replies, "We'll see about that, won't we?" Yes, we will!

Horatio hands a big chunk of pressed cocaine to Speedle, who tells him, "I'm gonna need to talk to you later about something." Horatio acknowledges this, and then he and Speedle proceed to make a snowglobe. As the cocaine swirls around, they see bits of crime-scene tape, thus proving Tomassi wrong and tying him to the mysterical Nedir Kire. Horatio's all, "That's not from Haiti." Speedle replies, "Not unless Haiti's in the middle of our crime lab." Welcome back, Speedle.

Cut to Horatio and Frank telling Tomassi he's not nearly smart enough to pull off the dispo day disaster, so why doesn't he give up the goods? Tomassi doesn't have anything these clowns want.

So Horatio goes in to see Delko, with whom Horatio's entrusted the task of unmasking the mysterious Nedir Kire. Oh, why don't you just announce that you've given up already? Captain Irradiation is hardly a contender in the Mensa Olympics. It falls to Horatio -- who else -- to figure out what's going on with the Nedir Kire puzzle -- he happens to notice the reflection of white board where Delko wrote out the tree of connections, and wouldn't you know, Nedir Kire is Erik Riden backward! What a crafty trick! Maybe I can pass myself off as the evil Spanish recapper Llebos sometime. Horatio and Delko stare at the reflection for a while, just pondering the heft of Horatio's awesome intelligence.

After they've recovered, Delko Googles Erik Riden and they come up with...Enrique Rayas, reporting on a student cafeteria for a Newark station. Oh, come on -- a television reporter is freelancing as a criminal mastermind? What's next, Jules Asner revealing her plans to wrest control of the Fed from Alan Greenspan? Trey Wingo flying to Geneva to broker a multilateral trade agreement? Incidentally, the text around the photo from which Horatio made his identification is Greeked, meaning that it's basically a bunch of nonsense words and characters strung together to give a visual approximation of how text will flow in a layout. Oh, these people don't even try anymore, do they? Anyway, somehow, in an off-screen move made for reasons which will never be explained to us, Horatio and Delko obtained the a screenshot of the clothes Rayas was wearing and are now itching to test it for GSR. Horatio's all, "He just broadcast [his false identity] all over the Miami news." Frankly, I'm incredulous that this alleged cocaine criminal mastermind who thought of everything in the dispo day setup was stupid enough to go on the air in the shirt he shot in, as opposed to, say, changing before broadcasting, but that's a small quibble in the grand scheme of things -- they're still asking us to believe that somehow, a television reporter had the free time and connections to plan an elaborate drug haul.

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