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Let the Fire Cleanse You, Horatio!

Cut to the mastermind himself asking appallingly inane questions about the incinerator to an anonymous hardhat during a live broadcast. Cue Horatio materializing -- does his vast array of powers know no limits? -- behind Rayas's back to say, "What people should be afraid of is Nedir Kire." Cue Rayas's prima-donna hissyfit. Frank steps in, there's a song and dance about the warrant for Rayas's clothing from the day before, and then Horatio steps over to the incinerator operator to say, "Mr. Stokes, as the owner of the incinerator, you knew the date, the time, and the route the truck took. So did you tell Enrique?" "Stokes"? Suddenly, so many things are clear. The operator blusters, "I don't even tell my wife that stuff. I told all of your detectives yesterday." Horatio cuts through the crap and reminds him, "Bob, I can be a friend on this." Bob quails at that threat; imagine having to invite Horatio to your Super Bowl party and watching him brood by the onion dip. He promptly tells all.

And now, the desultory confession scene. After Frank tells Enrique/Erik that they found the source of his dispo day informant, Erik declines to reply. This prompts Horatio to whisper, "Silence." Oh, for the...I don't have the energy to continue. Horatio then tells Erik that Bob is singing in the key of C as in "See how much I can tell you that will nail Erik's ass to the wall." Frank jumps in with, "We know you were the brains behind the coke operation. Your partner, Tomassi, already gave you up. You're on your own anyway." Erik demonstrates that his grasp of English is tenuous, and asks about the cellphone reception in the box. Horatio laughs, because he's just tested Erik's shirt for GSR and come up positive and "you not only organized the hijacking, you participated in it on the day, and I want to know why. Television station not paying you enough? Cocaine-tile business not cutting it?" Why, no. As it turns out, Erik's not motivated by filthy lucre, but by ratings. He asks, "Did you see the coverage?" Frank replies, "It appeared nationally." Erik leans forward and explaining, "And it came from a secondary market. It came from Miami." So shooting up a police caravan is a broadcaster's idea of civic boosterism? Huh? As far as career moves go, it's pretty boneheaded, as there are too many live participants left to wreck his career later. Even Horatio's incredulous: "For fame, fortune, and one hell of an alibi?" Erik has descended into full-blown madness, raving, "One ripe piece of tape, Horatio. And you and I, my friend, we are going to get everything we want." Horatio replies, "I agree, My friend. The difference is, you will be receiving yours in a six-by-nine cell." So what he's saying is that Erik's really been motivated by a deep desire for spooning? Oh, that's just wrong.

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