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Let the Fire Cleanse You, Horatio!

Then there's the scene we all knew was coming: the one where Horatio tells the IAB guy that the Tao of Horatio is infinitely superior to anything some silly police procedure can produce.

Since Horatio has not yet peaked on the unlikability scale, he ups the stakes by going to talk to Speedle. For someone who was quick to tell Delko to leave the Church at the door, Speedle sure does manage to seem like he's about to go to confession. After hemming and hawing for a while, Speedle is let off the hook. Horatio's all, "We were ambushed, Speedle. It happens. You gotta believe me. These things happen. You didn't do anything wrong. You're a good man. Okay?" Speedle's not buying it, but he thanks Horatio anyway. He then asks Horatio what the package he's holding is, and Horatio tells him, "This is a belated birthday present for you. Happy birthday, okay? And you hang in there." He dematerializes, the background music kicks up, and Speedle opens the package to find a deluxe gun-cleaning kit. Of course. Sometimes, Horatio brings the love. His next stop will be to Calleigh, and he'll be giving her a copy of Bob Woodward's Wired with the inscription "Don't let it happen again."

Then we see Enrique Rayas descending into a mob of reporters. Oh, the irony.

Finally, we're back at the incinerator with a big truck full of drugs. Outside the gates, NORML members are keeping a protest vigil. Despite the scanty security when compared to the fail dispo run, everything makes it to the compound, where Horatio is already waiting in Standing Brood Pose #1: hands on hips, shoulders slightly cocked, a middle-distance sulk on his face. Then we see the cleansing fire, burning, burning, burning the drugs! It's a dispo inferno! The flames lick higher and higher as we zoom in on Horatio staring intently as he thinks, "The fire will cleanse! THE FIRE WILL CLEANSE!" Would that I could feel so clean at the end of this episode.

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