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Let the Fire Cleanse You, Horatio!

Horatio's still telling Sally Screamer to get down, as opposed to bobbing up, target-style, to helpfully give the shooters something to aim at. Once he's accomplished that, he looks up in time to notice Speedle's shooter sliding into the passenger seat of the truck and joining his friend as they hijack said truck full of drugs. Horatio manages to fire at the speeding truck's wheels -- taking one out, naturally -- then watches as the truck and a rent-a-cop type (huh? how many of these guys were around?) veers off into the sunset.

Horatio then runs over to where Speedle's lying on the ground and looking like death warmed over. That could be due to the mushroom-colored shirt Speedle's wearing (Rory Cochrane doesn't exactly have George Eads's coloring, but he does share the other man's inability to carry off warm-based tones without looking like he's in immediate need of a new liver), but there's probably something to be said for the gunshot thing and the blood, too. Horatio screams, "Speed! Speed!" and hunkers down next to his fallen comrade for this exchange:

Horatio: Hold on, let Me see, let Me see.
Speedle: [coughing and gasping] My -- my chest.
Horatio: That's a sucking chest wound, isn't it?
Speedle: That's not what sucks in this scene, Horatio.
Horatio: Shhh. Let's just try to breathe.
Speedle: What is this "let's" business? Are you the one whose lungs suddenly got the ocean view? I don't think so.
Horatio: That's the blood loss talking, Speed. I think...
Speedle: I think my imminent death has given me a new clarity of thought.
Horatio: That's right. Now, let's go toward the light.
Speedle: Can the "we" crap, kemosabe. I'm off to a better place -- one that doesn't...include...

Speedle trails off, and the music swells dramatically as Creed's "Arms Wide Open" plays and Horatio gathers Speedle to his bosom, manfully restraining his sobs before setting the other man down, brushing his hair back from his forehead, and turning to the direction of the camera: "That's a wrap, isn't it? This is my Emmy clip. David C's gonna be in the hizzouse!"

Oh, I wish. Here's what really happened. The "lemme see" thing, the "oh, my chest" thing, and then Horatio opens up Speedle's shirt to reveal the Kevlar vest beneath it. Horatio tells a gasping, retching Speedle to hold on -- maybe telling him to breathe in might help, since the poor guy's had the wind knocked out of him at the least and is probably hyperventilating in panic. Oh, hey -- he does! Horatio's all, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait -- the Kevlar caught it! The Kevlar caught it, man. Now just breathe. Breathe easy. Keep breathing if you can." After being all calm and careful with Speedle, Horatio looks up and screams to anyone else who's presumably left alive, "Rescue! Get Me rescue right now!"

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