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Let the Fire Cleanse You, Horatio!

Naturally, Miami's finest have found it in seconds, borrowed the SWAT force from The Blues Brothers, and descended upon the pier to secure the truck. Horatio gets the party started by saying, "Nobody's home, gentlemen." When he raises the gate of the truck, there's a lot of controlled substances staring right back. Detective Baldy incredulously says, "Heroin, weed, meth -- hell, they left the drugs behind!" "Everything but the cocaine," Horatio clarifies, since he's apparently privy to the exact physical placement of everything in the truck and can therefore deduce with one glance what's missing. Speedle pops up to comment, "That doesn't make any sense. There's millions of dollars of drugs here." See? I told you he'd be up and around by the ten-minute mark. Everyone decides that the flat tire forced a change in plans and everyone took only what they could carry. Since cocaine's got the greatest profit potential per ounce, it's clearly the preferred baggage in any Plan B scenario. While Horatio's off barking obvious statements in the guise of questions, Speedle's working the scene. He finds a cast-off cop's shirt (fake) in the car and calls everyone over to look at it; the dry-cleaning tag indicates that the uniforms were recently cleaned. They'll also help trace the uniforms, if there's any internal logic or consistency in this show. Oh, wait -- what am I saying? That's just a beautiful dream. Speedle's actually all, "Sweat on these clean uniforms -- we'll get their DNA. There's also blood in the cab." "One of our suspects is wounded," Horatio deduces. Or maybe some of that's Randy Redshirt's blood -- he was hit before Speedle pulled him from the cab. God, this show plays faster and looser with bodily fluids than...well, fill in your own blank here. Horatio and Speedle decide to follow the blood trail of the wounded person, and Horatio babbles on about what the wounded guy probably did while making his escape in his own inimitable fashion. Just look around your living room and say, "That's a coffee table, isn't it? And there's an Entertainment Weekly, which means that one more person is wondering why on God's green earth Joel Stein has the back page. Now, there's the couch. Let's see if anyone lost any money." That approximates the entertainment value and usefulness of any of Horatio's blathering.

Back at the dispo carnage, Calleigh's looking at a gun. Right after she calls it "weird" and slips it in an envelope where it can sulk over the insult in private, Delko comes over and tells her, "That's Speedle's gun." Calleigh replies, "Yeah. Magazine's full, one in the chamber." Delko asks, "He didn't fire any rounds?" Calleigh says, "I don't know. Maybe this is his second magazine. None of this is official -- not until I finish processing the scene." Delko steps back from the "Speedle: Panicky or Unlucky?" debate with, "I'm not saying anything," but Calleigh clocks in on the "panicky" side with, "I think it's best not to."

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