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Suffer Not The Strippers To Come Unto Me

Later that same day, Horatio and Calleigh are still on the boat. After some none-too-convincing dialogue mourning the short, unhappy life of Amy Beck, Calleigh stumbles across a high-end digital camera, complete with pictures of Amy and Rick enjoying a Pam-and-Tommy-Lee moment. "How come everybody has naked pictures?" Delko wonders, with a noticeable twinge of regret. I dunno. Precious memories they can share with family and friends? Action shots for a line of stripper trading cards? The mind reels. Calleigh, meanwhile, notes that the many angles, the fact that the photos are in sequence, the impressive use of deep focus, and the professional if workmanlike quality of the framing suggests that someone else was taking these photos. "Let's print this camera, and let's find out who took these pictures," Horatio says, which is Calleigh's cue to do just that.

Back in the lab, Speedle is still playing back the recovered phone message with the same wide-eyed obsessiveness Kennedy assassination conspiracy buffs show when doing a frame-by-frame analysis of the Zapruder film. He's discovered a mysterious clicking noise on the audio track, which occurs sometime after the mysterious Ace appears on the tape. Before Speedle can descend further into madness, the spunky lab tech who recently returned from a hitch in Quantico strolls up. "Speed, you all right?" she asks, since the printouts of the audio analysis he's running are now piling up all over the floor. Speedle hurries off to where a dot-matrix printer is busy outputting reams and reams of data. Speedle looks at one of the sheets and says to no one in particular, "Reservatrol?" Before we can figure out what exactly an antioxidant found in grapes has to do with an audio analysis -- and Jesus, could the science scenes on this show be any less illuminating? -- we're back to the Good Ship Breck, where Horatio and his acolytes are finding all sorts of evidentiary goodness. Based on carpet impressions, Horatio's able to figure out that someone placed a chair right in front of the bed -- all the better to photograph the Brecks in the act of human love. Now, this is the kind of FlashbackCam I can get behind! Horatio suggests that "we" -- or more accurately, Calleigh -- process the floor between the chair and the bed, paying particular attention for biologicals. Because apparently a roll of film isn't the only thing the photographer shot. As Calleigh girds herself for the always life-affirming task of searching for human ejaculate, Delko finds a knife behind a panel on the boat. "That's an Echelon MPT," Calleigh chirps. "I've only seen those at gun shows." Ladies and gentlemen, we have a murder weapon.

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