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Suffer Not The Strippers To Come Unto Me

Back at the lab, Speedle has determined that the shard of glass removed from Amy Breck is from a Mercedes-Benz S-series. "From this millennium, but as far as that goes, that's a dead end," Speedle says. "Okay," Horatio says. "What else you got?" "Admiration for Nameless Cop after he put your shit in the street?" Speedle suggests. No, no -- Speedle's working on the answering machine tape. He recovered the erased message using high-tech microscopy, which sounds much more professional and impressive than "freaky audio voodoo." Here's the message: "Hey, Rick, I'm on the way. Did you get stuff you promised you'd pick up? After tonight, I could really use some. Ace, hi. Don't start without me, okay?" After fiddling with some knobs and dropping out the background noise, we hear a male voice on the tape saying "hey" -- most likely the Ace that Amy refers to in her message. Ace also says, "We got a deal," right before Amy's business about not starting without her. This is probably the most coherent exchange of dialogue we've had on this show all night. Horatio suggests to Speedle that they revisit the Widower Breck to find out just what deal Amy was referring to. "What makes you think he's going to be more cooperative this time?" Speedle asks. "An old drug charge I just dug up on him won't hurt," Horatio says. Oh, Horatio, you police-power-abusing gallant -- could we love you any less?

Old drug charge or no, it doesn't look like Rick is going to be terribly forthcoming to Horatio and Speedle, on account of him floating facedown in the marina. Boy, the people connected to this case sure have a funny habit of winding up dead. Let's ponder the fragility of mortality while Jason Alexander exhorts us to eat Honey Wings.

For the third time in slightly less than a half hour, Alexx is poking at a dead body -- this one without any defensive wounds or scratches. There's foam around the mouth and nostrils that's consistent with drowning. "I'd like to see what's in his lungs," Horatio says. Hey, who wouldn't -- am I right, ladies? Though, actually, Horatio's request pertains to the cause of death. Alexx scurries off to do Horatio's bidding. "The husband's dead, the wife's dead," Horatio begins. "The Russian's dead," Nameless Cop reminds us, just in case we've lost track of this episode's mounting body count. "Yes, let's go talk to the other Russian, the cousin, before he chokes on a Twizzler," says Horatio, in a rare display of wit. Nameless Cop, Delko, and Speed stand around and try to figure out who exactly Horatio means by "we." All of us? Just one of us? Should we pair up with a buddy? Help us out here, H.

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