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Horatio Caine, Judge and Jury

Once they're all comfortable in the interrogation room, Calleigh slides the ring across the table and says, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and a suspect's worst enemy." Delko adds, "Yeah. The setting was a reservoir for Michelle's blood." Calleigh sweetly urges Graziano to try on the ring. He does and says snidely, "What do you know -- it fits. Quite a coincidence." "I've got another one for you. It turns out you're more than just legal counsel for the club. You're the majority owner," Calleigh replies. Delko steps in and says, "As a matter of fact, Michael and Jarrod combined own less than one percent." Graziano explains this by saying that his club needed a public face with some personality because he wanted it to be successful. Calleigh brings up Graziano's previous two clubs, both of which failed miserably. Perhaps the names "Moist" and "Bellybutton" had something to do with market apathy. I'm just guessing. Graziano says, "I'm a bad businessman, not a murderer." Calleigh says, "It proves you have a vested interest in making Club Canvas the hottest club on the beach -- which you did by eliminating the competition." Caribbean Queen adds, "Competition like Michelle." She slaps down promo postcards in which patrons are exhorted to come watch Michelle paint herself elsewhere. I still can't believe this passes for fun. The drugs among the South Beach set must be incredibly good. We then see why the murder went down -- Michelle was using Club Canvas as a client pool for other VIP events -- and how, as we flash back to Graziano cornering her in a parking lot and strangling her in a fit of anger. He then gave Benito Ramon a VIP membership in exchange for Benito cremating Michelle and her stuff; when he came back to pay Ramon with the VIP palette, he saw that Benito had kept Michelle's personal items; the cremation chamber was broken and the body unburnt. So he lost it and murdered Person #2. Graziano listens to Calleigh's recitation of this, and after congratulating her on the quality of her story, tells her she forgot one thing: "I'm a lawyer and a damn good one." Calleigh tells him he's forgotten a thing or three, namely that the blood on the ring belonged to Michelle, but some of Benito's was there too; those blood samples tie him to the murders; and "you may be a lawyer, but I'm a CSI. A damn good one."

And now, time to wrap up the A-plot. Speedle's peering into a microscope when Horatio comes over, inquiring, "You rang?" He did -- to show Horatio that they've got the scissors used to cut the tape found on Thomas. Horatio mutters, "All right," and Speedle says with considerable exasperation, "You don't look too happy." Horatio shares with Speedle: "Well, it turns out that Erin Murphy was on a plane at the time of the murder." Speedle thinks that there's nothing eliminating Leonard from suspicion. Horatio's still hung up on how Erin refuses to admit she's been raped. He eventually concludes that maybe Leonard's the one who was raped.

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