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Horatio Caine, Judge and Jury

The next scene more or less confirms that -- Leonard denies it for a while, saying, "It never happened," until finally Horatio wears him down by decreeing, "You were raped and you couldn't live with it." Leonard cracks. He says, "I thought -- uh. I was just, I was just trying to get by, deal with it. I was so messed up. And then he just walked into my store one day, shopping for fabric...I wanted to kill him." Horatio prods the story along: Leonard realized that Thomas didn't recognize him, so he got him to write his address down for the mailing list, then went to Thomas's place for a little bit of that old-fashioned eye-for-an-eye-style justice. We get to see the prelude of Thomas's rape in flashback, along with a shot of Leonard swinging the lead pipe back with force as he prepares to thrust. Thank you, CSI: Miami, for introducing this phenomenon to the crowd that can't afford to see spooning on HBO. Horatio's all, "An eye for an eye." "I didn't start this," Leonard says. Horatio replies, "No. You didn't start it. But you finished it." Leonard protests, "I wanted justice." Horatio says, "Leonard, justice is not for you to dispense. It's for me." Or maybe he stops after that first sentence. I just hope he's proud of himself as he weighs the virtue of stopping Leonard -- who, so far as we know, only evened one karmic balance -- against the virtue of stopping a serial rapist and burglar. I wouldn't presume to make that call, but Horatio, as Miami's Justice Avenger, is more than qualified and happy to tell you so himself, so let him close out the episode by telling Leonard how he's going to pay and then brooding as he ponders the temerity of those who would step all over his justice-dispensing turf.

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