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If He Only Had A Case

B-plot. Julie's assuming a contrite attitude, sighing, "I have made such a mess of things." If Julie's looking for sympathy, she'll find it in the dictionary once she flips past "shooting" and "sentencing." Calleigh offers to help her straighten out the details. Julie did give the gun to Brad -- she's an eye doctor, and she's handing out guns to her patients? That's one hell of a vision plan they have down at the docks. Hagen tells us that Brad claims Julie's the brains behind the operation; Julie seems dismayed -- not that she's been figured as the titular brains behind this caper, but that Brad ratted her out. Julie starts in on her "hey, we met when he came into my office, it was only a four-month affair, I kept trying to end it, he wouldn't take no for an answer, this killing was absolutely not my idea" routine. It doesn't play in Peoria. We find out that Julie's not getting arrested -- yet.

Speedle and Delko are off to blow up another crime scene -- this one being Chaz's car. After finding a big bag of beef jerky in the front seat and some disposable cameras -- "More pictures," Delko says. "More porn," Speedle shoots back -- Delko grins that he's not taking this to one-hour photo. Speedle's all, "Whatever." He finds the duct tape in the trunk, but Chaz cut the end. Delko's all, "Now you can't identify it, hardy-har-har-porn!" Speedle sees something we don't see, because he's hedging his bets that he can. He heads back to the lab, and sure enough, he's all analyzing the edge of the tape for magic marker ink because Chaz wrote his name on the tape.

Horatio appears and commands, "Tell me something good, Speed." "We've only got one more episode left," Speedle replies. "I meant good for me, not the recapper!" Horatio snaps. Okay -- so Speedle actually says, "The tape we recovered from Chaz's car was cut, so any comparisons with torn ends was out." "But you went further, didn't you?" Horatio goads, and Speedle replies, "Macro, not micro. Chaz wrote his name on the side of the tape." The look on Speedle's face as he delivers this line is delightfully deadpan. Anyway, the ink matches perfectly. Chaz is subsequently delivered unto Horatio in cuffs. He's bothered to put on a button-down shirt for the occasion; I imagine he ironed his entire wardrobe -- plus four friends' -- during a previous tweak streak when there was nobody around to beat to death.

There's some talking on the steps -- Don the DA is back and refraining from impolite inquiries about Horatio's sick relatives -- and then there's some lawyerly posturing about how there's the murder case and then there's the kidnapping case, and Susie's blown them both by writing a note that Chaz's lawyer produces: "I told you I'd get you back. You bastard. I hope you fry in Hell." Susie has remarkably good handwriting. She also has screwed up the cases to a fare-thee-well. Don is not thrilled. Horatio vouches for Susie's character -- incriminating note or no, he believes her testimony. Don points out that Susie's character is a liability. Horatio insists, "I don't care. I believe her!" Don insists, "It's OVER, Horatio! A judge would kick it, no jury would buy it." And then Don heads out to get his stomach lining surgically replaced; his county insurance covers it, because they recognize the occupational hazard Horatio represents to a lawyer just trying to get convictions. Horatio drones, "Don, you know this guy kills people for thrills, right?" Don replies, "Bring me proof. Didn't we have some Narco task force on this Chaz guy?" Horatio overrides him with, "That operation is classified." Don barrels on, "Wasn't your brother Ray part of that unit?" Horatio pulls the classification card again. Don replies, "Not classified anymore. Bring me proof, or Chaz stays a free man." Horatio heads off so he can go find some "evidence."

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