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If He Only Had A Case

And now, Julie comes to visit Alexx in her morgue. She tells Alexx, "You know I didn't do it." Alexx doesn't look up from her cleaning as she replies, "That's between you and your Maker." Julie asks, "Come on -- you believe me, don't you, Lex?" Ouch -- the nickname as appeal to loyalty. Alexx stops cleaning and replies, "You're smart and you always get what you want." This sets Julie off, since apparently the last thing she wanted was for her boy toy to end up in jail for life and her husband in the ground. Alexx shoots back, "Look who's still alive and fancy-free." Julie's amazed that Alexx thinks she did it. Alexx clarifies, "You didn't pull the trigger. But you are responsible, believe me, Julie, you are responsible." Julie's all, "You think I don't know that?" Alexx snaps, "There's no telling what you think! Our families spent every weekend together, and you got this whole other life right under my nose." Well, Julie always meant to tell her, but it was hard to get an opening. Alexx continues, "You let Denny take my kids out for ice cream! You know what kind of danger you put them in? If that boy had shot him some other night with my kids in the car, he could have killed them. He could have killed yours." Julie crumbles in the face of realizing that Alexx isn't just miffed for a foregone friendship, but for the threat to her children. Yay! I mean, yay that we get to see Alexx in a parental role, not yay that her kids were at risk. Julie asks for forgiveness. Alexx just tells her, "If it was the other way around, could you?" I'm guessing the answer to that is "no."

Proving that every episode can't end unless Horatio's onscreen to give the benediction, we now go to Horatio packing Susie off to the Midwest. She's surprised that Horatio helped her despite her uselessness in the court case; I guess Ray Caine glossed over that feature in his brother's personality when he went on five-day babbling binges with his tweaker buddies. Horatio says, "Life is full of surprises, isn't it?" Susie laughs and replies, "Tin Man used to say that." Horatio broods a little before asking, "Did you crank with him?" Susie looks thoughtful for a moment before answering, "No. No. Chaz always thought we did, but umm-unh. Isn't that what narcos do, pretend?" Horatio smiles a little and asks, "What about you?" "Oh, I wasn't pretending. I was higher than Mir," Susie responds. Oh, she does not. She mouths something about how she prefers Tina and she's hoping to spend a few more years high before the inevitable overdose or stupid drug-fueled accident leading to her death. Horatio stresses, "I will be here if you need me." When does he have the time, what with him being there for all those other women he's there for? Horatio bundles Susie into a cab, then heads back to the lab to brood. He reads the notebook Speedle found, and Chaz's voice narrates, "Tin Man's whack. Ask all kinds of questions. Going to get himself killed someday if the crank doesn't do it first."

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