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In the next scene, the unkempt Tommy is fidgeting. Horatio comments, "You seem agitated to me. Very agitated." At last, Horatio's becoming aware of his effect upon others! Actually, he credits the meth. Tommy stammers that he's not agitated. Then he makes faces at a point just beyond his left shoulder. Horatio snarls, "Are the shadow people chasing you, Tommy?" If this were a Stephen King series, this is the point where the shadow people would leap into the scene and begin biting on everyone while Tommy gibbered hysterically, "I promised I wouldn't tell! I promised! Don't EAT me too!" And there would be lots of italics and capital letters in the dialogue, because it's not a Stephen King production if there aren't. But it's not, and instead Horatio just comes off like an ass. It is to David Caruso's credit that he manages to get those lines out without openly rolling his eyes. Horatio continues droning on, "Is that the meth playing with your head? Take a look at those eyes, Frank. Take a look at those eyes." Tripp does; he stares pretty intently through the entire scene. Tommy goes goggle-eyed, and Horatio hisses, "Did you and Darwin have an argument that escalated?" Yeah, over deck chairs on the H.M.S. Beagle. Horatio points out the blood on Tommy's shirt. Tommy tries to pass it off as ketchup with, "I had a burger on the way over here." I had no idea Carl's, Jr. had made it to the Florida peninsula; I thought their actively exploding burgers were a regional hazard out here in California. Horatio, however, is not buying the fast food excuse: "You didn't have a burger. You're cranked. Your body won't accept food, so you did not have a burger. Don't lie to me." "Okay, it was chicken nuggets!" Tommy sobs hysterically. Oh, he does not.

Horatio actually continues, "It looks like blood. And if it's blood, Tommy, that means you were within a few feet of Darwin during the beating. It also tells me you participated." Notice how that entire logical deduction is based on the premise that it's Darwin's blood on the shirt, and not, say, someone else's. However, Tommy's in no shape to take on Horatio's non causa pro causa logical fallacies (i.e. something is identified as the cause of an event, but it has not actually been shown to be the cause; in this case, the blood is identified as proof of Darwin's beating while Tommy was present, yet the blood has yet to be shown to be Darwin's). He admits that someone named Chaz was beating on Darwin, so Tommy ran off; apparently, they had an argument over music. Tommy says, "Darwin told Chad his music sucks," and we flash back to Darwin saying, "Your music sucks." That's really funny -- and the sad thing is, it's not supposed to be. Anyway, Chaz beat the hell out of Darwin, but before Tommy can get around to telling the tale in his own unique way, Horatio fills in the details. Tommy's all, "How'd you know all this?" and Horatio whispers, "I'm magic." Because it's the meth screwing with Tommy's head, and not Horatio. Right. Tommy asks if Chaz killed the girl, and Horatio's Crimey Senses explode into full alert -- if there is a woman in peril to be saved, a woman who can be comforted by the Grief Whisperer, he will find her. Unfortunately, he's going to have to do it without Tommy's help.

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