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If He Only Had A Case

Back in the B-plot, poor Hagen is stuck asking Julie Harmon if her husband had any enemies. Of course he didn't. Julie plays the class card with, "He's a dentist. I'm a doctor. The only people we know are people at the club, or at the kids' school." Hagen asks if Dennis was perhaps stepping out. Julie's all, "Our marriage, our family is our life." Well, on the bright side, she's got time to develop some new hobbies now. Alexx comes in, and there's grieving and dithering. Hagen flees while he can. Julie's all, "I don't think I can tell the kids." I think not telling them might actually be worse, but whatever. Alexx points out, "They're going to remember who told them for the rest of their lives." The potential psychological damage to her offspring isn't sufficient motivation for Julie to sack up and talk to the kids. Alexx steps in, like the supportive friend she is. There's hugging, and while Alexx is something of a mess, Julie's curiously dry-eyed. Hmmm...

In another part of the lab, Speedle and Delko are examining the duct tape. Delko notes mournfully, "Polyethylene resin on one side, adhesive on the other. Nothing unique enough to get this guy." Speedle points out that by itself, duct tape is virtually untraceable, but when pieced together like a puzzle, he can get a pretty good idea of what was cut when. If they find the tape, they can use it to piece one end to the cut ends used to bind Darwin -- assuming, of course, that it hasn't subsequently been used on someone else. Delko then begins futzing with a charred piece of something found in Darwin's pocket, and promises to take it down to QD.

As Delko's ordering a Butterfinger Blizzard, he reflects on how his dyslexia has led him astray yet again. Oh, kidding. He's up in QD (no idea what it stands for) and a burly tech is busy fragmenting the charred piece. Delko gets all old-maidish about the evidence, and the tech decides to impregnate the charred paper with paralene in order to harden it. Once that's done, the fragment will be stable enough for analysis; by "analysis," he means placing it under an infrared light to pull out the ink on the paper, since charred ink absorbs light at a different wavelength from the surrounding paper, and the ink will pop into relief. We get "CHAZ 555-0189." Delko says delightedly, "A name and a phone number." Horatio materializes suddenly and says, "But it's a cell phone number. Meth heads don't use land lines." Delko chides Horatio with, "You shouldn't sneak up on people." Horatio completely ignores the point with, "Chaz isn't people." He then makes a little plan for tracking down the phone via GPS and sneaking up on him. And then he stalks off to fume over Delko's impertinence.

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