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Chaz is subsequently located at a meth party, taking place in a trailer-like structure with plenty of extension cords purloining electricity from the people who have it sufficiently together enough to pay their bills. The SWAT team moves into position. We get a shot of Horatio sporting a giant semiautomatic, and he cuddles his assault weapon close as he flips a breaker switch and plunges the meth party into total darkness. Chaos ensues. Within moments the meth partygoers are on the ground where everyone can see their hands, and then they're rousted to their feet by Horatio. Then Horatio says for everyone to put their left hands out. They do. Then someone says, "Pat your head." Three people do, and are promptly kicked out of the game because Horatio didn't say. See how well pre-school games work in subduing drugged-out lowlifes? Red Rover was their first choice, but the perps kept catching on after all the drug dealers they sent over never came back. The only failure the Miami-Dade police force has had with this strategy was the duck-duck-goose method of rounding up suspects, since the goose had a tendency to run away from the game and toward freedom.

Anyway, Horatio and Tripp ask if any of the people present is Chaz, know of Chaz, or know of the woman he absconded with for presumably nefarious purposes. Horatio ups the stakes with, "If this lady dies and you have knowledge of it, you are an accomplice. Am I understood?" He then surveys all the left hands stuck out before him and identifies Chaz based on his guitar-playing calluses. Horatio asks, "Where's the girl?" Chaz replies, "I know all about you. Lieutenant Horatio Caine. Homicide. Bomb Squad." Horatio feigns modesty -- of course he's not a household name in Miami! -- and asks, "I run you in on something?" Chaz replies, "I actually know your brother, Officer Raymond Caine. Well...I knew your brother. Big meth-head. God, he loved his crank, didn't he? You probably know that, don't you? Considering you had to do the mop-up on him after he checked out?" Since when does Horatio's nemesis of the week adopt the signature interrogatory style we all know and identify as Horatio's? Is this supposed to be some subtle verbal cue that Gosh, Chaz Identifies With Dead Raymond More Than His Own Brother Did, And Isn't It Ironic How He's So Much Like Horatio Except For The Raging Meth Addiction And The Not-Being-A-Cop Thing? Horatio threatens to do a little redecorating by force, and Chaz is all, "Go ahead! It's a trailer! It would be an improvement!" Horatio cries havoc and lets slip the cadaver dogs.

Back in the B-plot, Hagen is stopping by to check on Calleigh and make sure she's not distracted by any more special requests from Horatio. Or maybe he's just stopping by, since their originally antagonistic relationship seems to have melted under the warm sun of their smiles toward one another. As it turns out, Calleigh did pull a print off the dud round, and she finds a match in a database for Miami employees. The proud owner of the fingerprint is one 22-year-old Brad Kenner, proud employee at Sunrise Harbor Security.

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