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These Kids Today, With Their Guns and Corpses

Speedle's now looking at Rena as she traces a fingertip around the rim of her tea cup in an interrogation room. He finally comes in, and Rena gives him a flirty hello. Without looking at her, Speedle says, "The guy was passed out on his back. You took a pillow, you put it over his mouth, pressed down as hard as you could with these little hands, and this little charm. Probably for about five or six minutes. It would have taken less time with an inferior fill, but only the best for you, right?" Speedle had taken Rena's hand during the "these little hands" part of that spiel, and now she goes into full flirt mode, sliding her fingers around his and cooing, "I was glad when you called. It's crazy, huh? I mean, I knew...but still, I was glad." Speedle pulls away his hand and says, "You've been playing me since day one." Rena replies, "If you believed that, your partner would be here right now." Speedle begins smirking slightly as he deadpans, "I didn't think you heard us." Oh, yes, Rena did. She suggests, "People get smothered by pillows...accidentally." Speedle points out, "Yeah, but Chuck wasn't one of them. You should have let the guy get married." Rena only looks at him, and Speedle nods to the wall where the one-way window is. She finally follows his gaze, and when Vin comes in with a booking officer, she says, "He was watching, from behind the mirror." Vin assures her that this wasn't the first time. Speedle snaps into full acerbic mode and asserts, "I don't conduct interviews without my detective ever." And then Rena's getting arrested. She makes one final Mary-Astor-style appeal to Speedle, which he rolls his eyes at.

And now, the tiresome final sequence where father con and son con meet for a remorseful conversation. On the bright side, both men can carry off orange. Pete upbraids his boy with, "It's a sorry state. I'm just grateful to Lieutenant Caine that only one person was killed." Jeff apologizes for letting Pete down; Pete apologizes for letting Jeff down, but he adds, "But you killed someone, and you're going to have to pay for that for the rest of your life. I want you to think about that, hard, every day they keep you inside. Because when you do get out, you're only going to get one more chance. And we're not going to see each other for a long, long, long time." Jeff asks what happens now, and Pete tells him it's up to him. Horatio simply watches all of this. Jeff is led off. Pete asks, "Think he heard me?" and Horatio replies, "I'll let you know." Then he saunters on out and walks down the hallway all backlit and silhouetted, but not so obscured as to cause us to miss the brooding pose we've all come to know and...well, to know.

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