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Ready, Aim, Fire

Before tracking down the sniper, Horatio stops by Speedle's bank of video monitors to get to know the victims better. Speedle sums it all up with, "Three total strangers just living their lives." He does fret about Photo Guy's dogs, though, and hopes someone's feeding them. After learning that the fourth victim was merely snarfing down a quick dinner, Horatio says, "One-hour photo shop, one-hour cleaners, coffee shop, fast food...is that our theme?" What, time management? Speedle comments, "They were all in a hurry." Horatio asks, "Is that it?" Speedle replies, "That's it for them." Speaking of hurries, it's only five hours to rush hour, so he had better figure out where the guy will be before another harried multitasker is shot.

Horatio studies the sniper data card, then tells Speedle, "Let's find out what this residue is made of." Speedle looks askance at Horatio, as he's well-versed in what this whole "let's" and "we" act is really about. Then he intones, "Three hours until downtown becomes one big, living target." Going by what I keep reading from native Miamians, how is that rush hour going to be different from any other? Oh, wait -- this is Horatio's downtown, and the good shepherd must protect his flock.

Speedle tells Horatio a little while later, "The substance on the back of the data card was a hardcore adhesive called RT600. It was only used two years after Hurricane Andrew --" "To prevent rooftops from going airborne in case of another hurricane," Horatio finishes. See? Why bother telling Horatio anything when it's evident that he already knows it all? Speedle tells Horatio that he's narrowed down the buildings in Miami which use RT600 to three, and Horatio's all, "You got to get it down to one." What, because they don't have enough resources in the Miami-Dade PD to assign personnel to three different buildings? Did all the money in the budget go to the autopsy skybox? Horatio then walks in to where Calleigh's working and says, "Here's what we have to do: we have to outhunt the hunter." And then they have to outcliché the clichés, and outstate the statement of the obvious. God, I hate the dialogue on this show. Calleigh asks where they start. Horatio provides the flashback narration as he says, "Where he did. He climbed up to the roof of the hotel building" -- wait. What hotel? Was the Inter•Continental a hotel? Why was this not brought up before the fifty-minute mark? -- "and preparing for a long time. He changed into his ghillie suit, assembled his weapon, scope last."

Now Calleigh's getting into the act: "Climbs even higher, gets into position" -- the effect is of watching a muppet position itself -- "he waited for the right conditions." Horatio finally concludes, "Then his targets were irrelevant because the people he killed were picked at random. Meaning he picked spots and not victims. Once he hunkered down, he was up there all night, dry firing. He didn't eat, he didn't move, not for any reason." And here, we see the sniper piss. It's every bit as gratifying as you could have hoped. Horatio intones, "He waited for as long as it took." Calleigh adds, "And he didn't take the shot until conditions were perfect, like a skier visualizing the hill before the race starts." Not to be outdone in the "I can get into the sniper's head better than you" monologues, Horatio says, "Because he was waiting for his puzzle to be complete." Are we to presume that the puzzle was laid out on the sniper data card? Would we get more of this puzzle idea if we had been able to read and translate the sniper data card? Or have the writers merely piled on clichés to the breaking point?

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