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Ready, Aim, Fire

This does not deter the sniper, who's now got Horatio in his scope. The forums begin chanting, "Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!" Someone reminds him he's right in the line of fire, so he stands still, shouting, "Listen up! This guy is one shot, one kill! If he can't make it, he's not going to take it! Eric, the wind from the chopper ruins his shot!" The camera swings back to Delko, who looks confused. Calleigh checks in and tells Horatio that the SWAT team has the sniper in its sights. The sniper -- who's dressed like a Tusken raider about to go joyriding on a bantha -- keeps aiming at Horatio. Silly man: bullets can't harm Horatio. Before the sniper can find this out for himself, two SWAT team members creep up behind him and tell him to drop the weapon. Cut to Calleigh telling Horatio, "The sniper has been apprehended. We have him in custody." I'd just like to note that she's wearing a tank top and a bulletproof vest. That seems impractical somehow. At this point, however, it's really not that surprising.

And now, the big confrontational scene: Horatio's wandering back toward the SWAT team, and as Calleigh comes out, he asks, "Nice work. Have you considered a transfer to SWAT?" "I don't look good in all black," Calleigh coos. "I beg to differ," Horatio replies. Oh, they are so having an affair. Then the sniper comes down, and as he's paraded past Horatio, he asks, "Don't you want to know why?" Horatio does not, because he's already made up the answer in his head: "You just killed four innocent people. You're evil. You enjoy death. I hope you enjoy your own." As the mouse said to the Fury, he'll be judge, he'll be jury. And with that edict, the case is over. Now it's time for Horatio to go wandering about the streets of Miami, looking at the faces of passersby and thinking, "You owe me your life, and so do you and you and you..." Yes, Horatio! Protect your lambs!

And that's it. Next week, Megan takes a powder. Y'all have a happy holiday (if applicable).

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