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Ready, Aim, Fire

Well, the sniper left a lot of tape. According to Horatio, the sniper did so because "he didn't want the gunshots echoing in the stairwell." Calleigh brainstorms, "He would have had to disassemble the rifle and hide it in something to get it up here. Maybe it was a Winchester Model 70 or a Remington 700, I don't know. Charles Whitman disguised himself as a deliveryman to get up the Texas tower and he got up there, wheeled his guns and his ammo onto the observation deck, and killed fourteen people. He wounded thirty-one." Anyone want to bet that Calleigh's bookshelves include a lot of books about guns and the people who use them? Horatio then asks, "If I was a sniper, what is the first thing I would do?" If Horatio was the sniper, the first thing he would do is brood. Then he'd spend time creeping out the kids at a park, and then he'd go wave Photoshopped pictures around before finally getting down to business. Calleigh thinks otherwise: "You'd pick your spot. Prone position is best for shooting." The two of them eye the wall which rings the roof of the Inter•Continental building, and eventually conclude that the sniper was atop a maintenance entrance. Once Horatio and Calleigh are over there, she's collecting evidence while Horatio plays with his sunglasses. He asks, "So what do you get when a six-foot-tall man lays down with a three-foot-long rifle?" "Hot flashes. But that's just me," Calleigh replies. Man, if she ever gets to go to Vegas on a crossover case, it's going to take a crowbar to pry her off Nicky, isn't it? Maybe she'll even offer to be the technical advisor for his Day Of Reckoning.

Horatio's got no time for love, baby. He's more interested in the cone-shaped deposit of gunshot residue, which was made when the bullet barked the rooftop as it exited the gun. We've now determined that this is the sniper location, despite the fact that it's sufficiently exposed so the sniper could be seen by a helicopter or a neighbor in a nearby building. Calleigh's only half-listening to Horatio, because she just found a scrap of burlap and gravel glued together. Horatio says, "Know what that is? That's from a homemade urban ghillie suit. That's what Marines use in the desert as camouflage." Calleigh also points out the presence of sand; the guy used a sand sock to stabilize his firearm while he shot. After it sinks in that they're dealing with someone who's extremely well-versed in the fine art of killing people via firearms, Calleigh opines, "This guy is scary." You think?

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