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Ready, Aim, Fire

Back at the headquarters, Speedle comes in while Delko's on the phone with one of his three sisters. Delko's saying, "Look, Marisol, it's not my case. If you want Dad to call in sick or stay home from work, you should call him yourself. You know he's not going to listen -- I have to go. I have to go, I'll call you." Once Delko clicks off, Speedle asks what's up, and Delko reveals that Marisol is worried for the senior señor's safety. They chat about the case and how Speedle's doing on victimology, and Delko asks, "Any connection?" "None that are obvious," Speedle drawls. "Then that's a good time to look for the un-obvious," Delko helpfully points out. How very Zen of him. Speedle sighs,= and says irritably, "I'm aware of that. H says that to me all the time." Delko's grinning as he quips, "Great minds..." As if he'd know firsthand. Speedle's all, "You're unbelievable." Delko departs, just in time to run into a freshly mulleted Megan. When will the indignities end? They exchange some leaden dialogue which establishes only that the bullet dinged a mailbox on its way to killing someone's grandma. After Speedle -- whose look of suffering grows more acute with every scene -- whips up a computer simulation so that they can figure out what angle the shot came from if it was capable of nicking a mailbox on its way to the tourist, we hear Dire Straits telling to look at them yokels playing the guitar on the MTV. No, actually, we just see a computer simulation that causes flashbacks to 1985, and the key piece of information is the simulated ATM which would, in theory, offer security camera footage that could be used to pin down witnesses. Speedle sighs, "What do I have? Surveillance tapes from downtown." Well, that wasn't my first guess -- that would have been "an angry hole deep down inside." And my second guess was "another email reminding Warrick and Catherine that it sure was fun working with them, so if there's ever an opening in Vegas, feel free to mention it."

Horatio's barely been yoked to science when Calleigh and another wretched outfit come bursting through his door. At least she's tied back her hair now; when it's down, it's like watching Sabrina The Teenaged Criminalist hard at work. Anyway, Calleigh reports that the tape the sniper used to fasten the door was electrical tape. Horatio responds to this by intoning, "And we got through the night without another shooting." Then his superpowers are working. That's reassuring. Calleigh mentions that her mother's fearful for her safety and wants her to return to Belle Reeve. But how are you going to keep 'em down on the plantation once they've seen the bright lights of the overpriced Miami-Dade crime lab? Calleigh replies, "I told her even Al Qaeda couldn't make me." No offense intended to Calleigh, but I suspect Al Qaeda's thinking on a bigger scale. Horatio comments, "People are starting to get nervous, which is the way he wants it. Take a look and tell me what you think of this." Calleigh does look; it's a conifer needle of some sort. Naturally, rather than ponder how an extremely fresh-looking needle made its way onto a rooftop, Horatio elects to change the subject back to the ghillie suit, and comments that it must have taken weeks to whip that outfit up. Calleigh's not surprised: "Snipers are patient. They can lay in wait for days waiting for the target. If conditions aren't right, they won't take the shot." Horatio comments on how his forensic firearms expert seems to know a whole lot about the people who use guns for killing. Calleigh replies that she used to date a sniper -- "Marine Corps, Special Ops, thirty-eight kills. He's retired now." How do you suppose they met? Were they in the local gun shop? Did their fingers brush over a box of 9mm shells? Then, when their eyes met, did he smile and casually drop the number of kills into the conversation, or was that pillow talk later? Horatio wants to know if Calleigh managed to stay friends with her ex. Not surprisingly, she did.

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