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Cut to Speedle's science montage, intercut with Carmen explaining en español to the profile artist exactly what Mr. Gloves-In-Miami looks like. Within moments, we have a profile sketch that causes Sevilla to exclaim, "Carl Galaz -- Escalante's handler." "Let's see how Carl handles this!" Horatio replies.

We find out within moments. The answer: Stupidly. Within seconds of his arrest, he's asking Sevilla, "You know what you just did? Your career is over. When I'm through with you, you're going to be doing timecards at county lockup." Big words coming from a man who was too stupid to actually dispose of the disposable cell phone used to handle killer ad inquiries and left it in his briefcase instead, Carl. Horatio notes, "Still got the phone, Carl. You've still got the phone." Once they pull it out of the briefcase, Sevilla turns to the man who would have threatened her career and says, "You've still got seven dollars of call time left, Carl." Carl is visibly seen calculating whether he'll be able to get hold of all his attack lawyers in that time. Horatio's oblivious; he crows, "Seven dollars in exchange for the rest of your life." The scene ends with Galaz being marched off to central booking while Horatio stares at a giant Mercedes Escalante poster.

In the next shot, Horatio's leaning over the inquisition table to say, "Carl, I think I understand what's going on here. You killed Bonita Cruz to get Lorenzo off the hook for murder -- I understand that part. What I'm curious about is whose gun was it?" Galaz claims it was his gun. Galaz's lawyer begins cutting his losses by pointing out, "I've advised my client not to speak further. I want that on the record." Horatio assures him it is, and turns back to Galaz to point out, "Carl, you are about to take the fall. Is that what this is?" Galaz looks as though he's steeling himself inwardly, then insists, "I killed them, I killed them both." Horatio asks, "Why, Carl, why? Why are you protecting the Escalantes?" Carl rebuts that the Escalantes gave him their trust, friendship, and respect, and he owes them everything. Horatio's unmoved by debts of honor. He says, "This is your last chance: either ride their coattails, or you can ride mine. You decide." Talk about a Hobson's choice. Carl is steadfast in his insistence that evidence, schmevidence, he killed Abby Sandoval and Bonita Cruz. That's devotion to your job, right there. Personally, I'm still stuck on the set-up. I'm not sure I understand: someone in Mercedes Escalante's camp -- either her, Lorenzo, or Galaz -- decided that it would be okay to advertise for a murder victim and kill her, so that Lorenzo could go free and presumably keep Councilwoman Escalante's political nose clean? Did it not occur to anyone that maybe killing an innocent woman as a cover-up might actually be worse for Councilwoman Escalante than facing the public and saying, "Yeah, I married a murderer. So what?" I thought smart people were supposed to work in politics; you can't swing a cat on The West Wing without hitting six Ivy League graduates. Instead, these people think the savviest political strategy is to waste taxpayer money on a trial and kill another citizen so someone can continue her career in public service? Do they not see the irony inherent in that chain of events?

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