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Sure enough, that's what she does in the next scene.

Meanwhile, Horatio and Speedle are talking, and Speedle's telling H he chatted up a court reporter and learned that the Escalante legal team has been filing motions all morning. Horatio tells him, "They're moving to get the case thrown out, so we have to work fast. Here you go." Thus are Jane Doe's clothes passed off to Speedle for fiber taping and scraping. Speedle's got his marching orders to look for fibers similar to those found on Abby Sandoval -- worsted wool, tropical weight, just like those found on Escalante's $2000 suits. Then Horatio's off again.

We see where he was heading in a big hurry -- to the outdoors, where he's exiting the building and apologizing to Delko for beeping him on his day off. Delko takes the glass-half-full approach with, "It's not a problem. I was thinking of doing some diving anyway. Might as well do it on county time, huh? One question." Horatio gives him permission to ask. Delko replies, "Speedle's Jane Doe: she wasn't a floater. Why do you want me to bring my dive gear to the crime scene?" Horatio replies with, "Abby Sandoval." Delko's all, "Sandoval? I thought that investigation was closed." Horatio replies, "Officially, it is." "So you're bringing my ass in on my day off to work a closed investigation because you've got a hunch? Next time you call, Caine, the victim better be bleeding on your open case file!" Delko snaps. As if -- like everyone else who works with Big Red, he apparently converted from some other, federally recognized form of organized religion to the Caine Cult and thus does what the man says without question. And before Horatio can explain -- assuming he does explain -- why Delko's working a closed case on his day off, Don the DA's busted him. Horatio turns around to face Don, who asks, "How's Grandma?" Horatio walks over, saying, "Too soon to tell. Still running tests." Don's all, "Got anything to share?" Horatio replies, "Not just yet; Grandma likes her privacy." "You want to know what I really like? I like smoking a Montecristo Number Two after winning a slam-dunk case. Now, your grandma wouldn't be trying to screw me out of a good cigar?" Don asks. If she can do that while bleeding from the eyeballs, she's an impressing grandma indeed. Horatio's all, "I want to be sure we've got the right guy." Don thinks they do: "Lorenzo Escalante. He had an affair with the maid. He admits to getting rough with her. He got his semen inside of her, his DNA under her fingernails." Horatio counters that they don't have the gun. Don reminds Horatio that technically, since they do work to convict criminals, they are on the same side. Horatio's noncommittal. Don points out that roughly a million man-hours of work and a million dollars have gone into the trial thus far. Horatio overrides him, "We have new evidence." Don shoots back, "Well, that's what appeals are all about. Listen, this is not about the case anymore. Now, it's about winning." Horatio decides to take his ball and go home.

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