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Then we're on to the baffling sports moment of today's episode. We see only the rocky soil, that same beautiful cloudy sky, and Horatio's shoes, and then Horatio stoops to pick up a rock, asking, "Eric, you used to play right field for the 'Canes, right? See how far you can throw that." Here's the baffling part: according to the CSI: Miami website, Delko was an Olympic-level swimmer, so it's kind of unlikely that he'd be playing baseball, a sport that lends itself nicely to arm injury, as opposed to training for meets in his spare time. Maybe the marketing people are out to lunch and Delko just likes to spend time in the water because that's where he can pretend he's Ariel. Maybe someone associated with this show likes the idea of there being another baseball-playing CSI on the team (remember, Warrick played for University of Western Las Vegas). Maybe David Caruso throws worse than my grandmother and they needed an excuse to have Delko heft the rock. In any case, Delko tosses it, and it splashes in the water at about the halfway point of the canal. This is how Horatio determines that they need to set a grid from the car to the rock and figure out where the gun landed. By "they," he means Delko, and he makes that clear as he walks off, telling Delko, "Keep in touch." Delko watches him go, wondering if he should send a Hallmark "Thank You For Giving Me More Work!" card, or maybe the FTD "You Want The Evidence, You Dive For It" bouquet complete with little scuba-diving teddy bear.

Meanwhile, quick and quiet Calleigh is busy doing as Horatio asks. This is unfortunate for Detective Hagen, who's just walked in to ask about his results, but even more unfortunate for Calleigh, as she's got to explain why she prioritized Horatio's favor over her assigned case. Hagen asks, "You got my results?" and Calleigh snits, "Not since you called me an hour ago." "You told me you'd have it done by this morning," Hagen points out. Calleigh continues to sling attitude with, "I've got fifty-four rounds and your being down here isn't going to help me solve it any faster." Hagen shows he can dish it out as well as take it with, "I'm sorry . Am I bothering you here in your nice, air-conditioned crime lab? 'Cause I'm sweating my butt off trying to get my causeway shooter into arraignment." Calleigh smiles tiredly -- and, desultory Clown Cosmetics observation aside, she really does look wrung out, so way to go, makeup people -- and says, "Personal hygiene problems aside, I am sorry. Something came up, and I got backed up." Hagen's not charmed: "Something? What kind of something?" Calleigh turns to the scope so she doesn't have to make eye contact, and says, "I can't tell you, but I promise you as soon as I get this other thing cleared off my scope, I will finish yours." Hagen replies, "Whatever it is better be big." Not recognizing that a) she got off the hook without giving out a lot of information, b) Hagen's backing off, and c) this should be any smart tactician's desired outcome, Calleigh says, "The biggest." Hagen's retreating no more; he stops and asks, "Big like Abby Sandoval? I heard about what happened in court this morning. Word is, Horatio really stepped in it."

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