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Calleigh tries to steer the conversation back to non-Horatio subjects with, "We're going to get you your shooter. I just need you to give me some time." Hagen points out how hard that will be when he has to let the guy go at noon. Calleigh blithely replies, "Cut him loose. Re-arrest him again tomorrow." The copyeditor in me is all, "'Re-arrest him again'? Doesn't re-arrest imply repetition, thus making 'again' superfluous?" Hagen asks, "What if he skips?" What if he does? Wouldn't it be more efficient to schedule Calleigh's ass-chewing for later and get her back to work so there's some small shot at keeping this guy locked up? Calleigh's all, "Put a squad car on him. I don't know, John. I have to do it!" Hagen tells her to tell it to the hand, then comments, "I hope Horatio knows what he's doing." Calleigh rides to the rescue with, "He's been doing it a long time." Hagen's all, "I hope he gets to keep doing it." For threatening Horatio's job and unsettling his lackeys, Hagen's just vaulted to the top of the "Characters I Like" list for this show. Also, he's pretty easy on the eyes. I hope Hagen sticks around; not only does this show need someone who can act as a consistent antagonist for Horatio and crew (like Ecklie did with Gil), but it wouldn't hurt to have someone around who approaches crime-solving from a different direction. Watch -- I say that, and Hagen'll never be in another episode.

Off in another corner of the lab, Speedle's interrupting whatever it is Horatio's doing to tell him that Bonita Cruz's dress yielded many, many lightweight tropical-weight worsted wool fibers. Speedle's all, "I hate to say it, but I think we've got the wrong guy in custody." Horatio's not making too many hasty declarations yet, pointing out that the fifty fibers off Bonita Cruz's dress don't exactly track with the two pulled off Abby Sandoval's by saying "that doesn't track." "Neither does a serial killer who wears $2000 suits and kills maids," Speedle points out. Horatio's moved on: "Unless he's not a serial. I think I've figured out how he picks out his victims. Take a look at this." Speedle looks -- it's a piece of wet newsprint. To read the newsprint, they freeze-dry the paper to remove the water, microwave it (or do the forensic equivalent), then try to read the thing via magnification and light filtering. A green filter yields the text fragments:

Externa 5 dias. Refen
6300. sem.

Speedle and Horatio conclude that they're help-wanted ads from the Cuban newspaper Diarios Las Americas. Speedle concludes that Bonita was looking for a job. He's awaiting further instructions from Horatio, but Horatio's distracted by the detective who just got off the elevator -- light linen pantsuit, long dark hair. Oh, please, dear God, let this not be some angry girlfriend bent on a high-volume workplace confrontation. Horatio dispatches Speedle to go play with Delko, then goes out to talk to the woman in question.

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