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Giving her a look eerily reminiscent of the one he gave Lorenzo Escalante in the opening side, Horatio tells the woman, "Elena. I heard about the Surfside triple. Nice going." Elena replies, "Why, thank you. I just came to pick up the final labs." Horatio offers to walk her down. As they walk, he apologizes, "Sorry about dinner. I've just been really backlogged. All that brooding and stalking the unjust really eats into my spare time, you know?" Maybe he stops about halfway through that. Elena replies, "I heard. Seems like a lot of cases are being moved to the back burner lately." Horatio tells her that the way to solve that is to give him more criminalists. Rather than get into a messy budget debate, Elena elects to get into a messy Abby Sandoval debate: "Word around the department is you've reopened the case." Horatio replies, "Word travels fast." Elena reminds him, "This is Miami -- there are no secrets, Horatio." Horatio tells her he's got concerns about the case; Elena effectively tells him to cram it with, "We've had this conversation before." "Then you know how it ends," he replies. Elena asks, "How long are we going to keep dancing around in circles?" "I don't know. Some day we have to talk about that, don't we?" Horatio replies. Elena knows when she's been blown off. She closes by telling him to be careful, to which Horatio puckishly replies, "If I did that, it would take all the fun out of it." Elena closes the scene by sighing.

I open the next one by sighing. Horatio and Sevilla are in the Diarios Las Americas newsroom, and Horatio's asking, "Any trouble?" Sevilla replies, "Editor gave the usual First Amendment defense." The editor should save his breath; the First Amendment applies to the content printed in the paper, but the ads aren't covered, because those are the products of a contractual business relationship between publisher and advertiser, and that information can be gotten under a whole different set of laws that have nothing to do with the First Amendment. Second, once the paper is printed, it's in the public record, so anyone should be able to look at a copy. Anyway, Sevilla got around the editor because she knew the publisher. Horatio asks if there are any matches to their ad yet, and Sevilla deadpans, "Not unless you want to meet a 300-pound transvestite." Horatio passes on that offer. Before he can inquire about his odds for meeting a scrawny transvestite, his cell phone rings. It's Speedle, whom we see standing on a raft in the middle of the canal, in the dark, telling Horatio, "We came up empty." Horatio is surprised they didn't find a gun. Speedle clarifies -- they found three other guns, but no 9-mms. Horatio's all, "Any chance he could have missed it?" Speedle tells Horatio to hold on while he repeats the question to Delko at the top of his lungs. Delko replies, "It's pretty murky down there. We did a hand-over-hand rigid grid search a hundred yards downstream." Speedle has been holding the phone out so Horatio can hear this directly, but once he's back on the phone with Horatio, he tells Delko, "[Horatio said] throw another rock. What does that mean?" "It means we got a long night ahead of us," Delko replies.

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