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Enough of that. We're getting a gander at the aforementioned sister who's now being introduced forty minutes into the episode. Sevilla asks the woman if she was aware that Stephanie was seeing a psychiatrist. The sister replies, "She was having a rough time. Not sleeping. And the baby -- the baby cried a lot. Colic. And she, uh..." The sister is visibly struggling for her composure, and Horatio hones in on the grieving woman with unerring instinct. He hands her a glass of water; she thanks him, and continues, "She, uh, she was having a hard time." Sevilla asks, "Can you be more specific. Because, you know, baby blues are one thing, but postpartum psychosis, that's quite another." The woman leans forward and protests, "My sister was depressed! She wasn't crazy." Nor is she being set up as the television parallel to Paula Yates, who did kill her children in a fit of postpartum psychosis after a long and established history of depression and other indications that her brain chemistry wasn't optimal. Horatio notes, "She had medication she wasn't taking." The sister counters, "She was worried about what it would do to the baby. She was nursing." Of course, you have the question of the bottle found in the microwave -- which neither Horatio nor Sevilla bring up -- but we can assume that Stephanie may have been pumping a few extra bottles and freezing them so she could hand off a feeding or two to someone else and get some sleep, instead of having Max latch on and nurse every two to three hours. ["I just assumed that bottle was for the toddler, but again, it wouldn't have killed them to spend eight seconds of screen time addressing that." -- Sars] Horatio pulls out a picture of the amulet and asks the sister if she's seen that before. "Yeah, I gave that to her. It's a charm, to make her feel better," she replies. Wow, if only we had been introduced to this character, so I could refer to this woman as something other than "this woman," "the sister," or "she." If only someone would use her name in addressing her. Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, Sevilla says, "How about your brother-in-law? Did you help him feel better?" The sister is too stunned to speak. Horatio, to his credit, seems awkward as he says, "We, um, we have evidence that you were in their bed recently." The woman gapes, as if to wonder that anyone would think that a) Jason Caplin is stupid enough to cuckold his wife in a house she's likely going to be in most of the time, and b) she herself is stupid enough to sleep with someone that stupid. She recovers to say indignantly, "All I wanted was my sister's happiness." Sevilla's all, "Well, that goal can get you into trouble -- where were you yesterday morning?" The sister shoots back, "In Buffalo, on business. If you don't believe me, call the airline." Sevilla hisses, "That doesn't explain your little trick between the sheets." Sevilla then gets the chance to feel like a tool when the sister says, outraged, "I held my sister when she couldn't stop crying. When she couldn't get out of bed, much less the house. And that's a hell of a lot more than [Jason] did...he hid at work, day and night, leaving her alone with four kids." Horatio's all, "Well, sounds like it was too much for her." I sincerely hope we have an episode where we get to see how well he handles being the primary caretaker for an infant, a toddler, and two older children, since he apparently thinks it's easy enough for anyone to handle. The sister points out, "It was too much for anyone. My sister loved those kids. Yeah, they drove her nuts, okay, yeah, she was a wreck. But there is no way in hell that she killed them." Sevilla and Horatio sit there, looking openly skeptical.

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