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These Brazen Women Get What They Deserve

So, we've got the stranger whom we've never seen before who has -- as it turns out, oh-so-fucking-conveniently -- parking tickets in each of the locations where the bitten, broken-necked victims were found at the time the bitten, broken-necked victims were found. Horatio quickly debunks the "coincidence" myth and gloats about how this clown's teeth marks are going to undo him.

We then see this stranger getting his dental molds made, which is every bit as exciting as it sounds. As it turns out, Mr. "Kip Miller" doesn't match the dental molds. After a desultory conversation with Alexx in which the possibility of re-taking Tiffany's bite molds is quickly discarded, Horatio's at Amy's hotel. She's checking out. Horatio explains that her bite marks are suddenly a lot helpful since the blood from the bruising has been reabsorbed. Amy gets all histrionic about leaving this all behind her, then has a sudden change of heart after she remembers what a swell guy Horatio is.

Cut to Amy being photographed by forensic photographers. Within seconds, the photos are analyzed and the bite mark impressions matched. However, there are still two points of reference missing. When John presents Horatio with the evidence, Horatio promptly discredits it and asks, "Does [Kip] wear crowns?" John doesn't think so, and mentions that the caps would have come off while they were making the impressions. Horatio argues, "Unless he was doing a little in-home dentistry."

Horatio's now standing face-to-face with Kip; he requests that Kip smile for him. There's some boring exposition stuff where Horatio advances his crowns theory -- "I think you wear temporary crowns on your upper right cuspid and bicuspid" -- and then Horatio goes for Kip's mouth with a dental tool. Seconds later, the teeth fall out. I'm still not clear whether Horatio pulled them out or they fell of their own accord, but either way, Kip's looking a little dismayed. Horatio's all, "Ooops. Now it matches." He then arrests Kip for Amy's sexual assault. Tripp escorts Kip out so Horatio can have a moment to brood.

Then there's a little exchange between Horatio and Speedle where we find out that the crowns had precision attachments so they weren't instantly detectable, and that they won't be able to get Kip on the murders, but they've still got him on sexual assault, so that's something. And when Kip gets out, Horatio will be there dogging his steps because, as he says, "we never close." Well, neither does a 7-Eleven, and you don't see the counter clerks sulking righteously all over Miami, do you?

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