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These Brazen Women Get What They Deserve

The episode ends with some spring break shots, and then Tripp handing Tiffany's bikini to her sister, who immediately clutches it to her breast. Speaking of breasts, we then get some more shots of women in small bathing suits running around, and the whole thing seems distinctly censorious: Well, what do you girls expect, running around dressed like that with no chaperones? You shouldn't be doing things that would tempt serial killers! and I am just so, so tired of a show that treats women like pieces of meat displayed in the butcher's window, and sends the message that women who are sexually aggressive or living without fear will bring bad ends upon themselves.

There are some more shots contrasting happy, living spring-break-goers with photos of dead Tiffy and the Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest perp walk, and then there's a long shot of Horatio walking with Tiffany's sister (she's still clutching the bikini) as they accompany a coffin out of the building (this is the point where I cracked to Mr. Sobell, "They should have just cremated her; then she would have been carry-on luggage.")

Happy girls are embracing all over the place shortly before they drive off, which signifies the end of spring break, and then we're treated to Horatio brooding at sunset. No, really. He broods and broods and broods. And broods some more.

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