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Come On, Baby. Light My Fire.

Alexx is on the scene now, looking over the body and concluding that the victim was stabbed multiple times, and there are contusions accompanying the wounds. She concludes that whatever the guy was stabbed with, it wasn't a knife blade. Horatio suggests that it was a broken bottle; the amber-colored glass Alexx pulls out of the wound confirms that hypothesis. Alexx notes that stabbers usually cut themselves in the act, which prompts Horatio to reply, "That means we're going to have to sift through every piece of debris in this area." Speedle wearily volunteers to start. Alexx then tells Horatio that the dead bartender has no soot in his nose or mouth, so he clearly died before the fire broke out. Horatio sighs, "Every time we eliminate a suspect, another one pops up." Then his phone rings; it's Tripp, and he's calling to tell Horatio that the squeeze play with Quentin's car in the impound lot is paying off.

Horatio promptly pulls up to the impound lot and tells the impound flunky to release Quentin's car. We see the guy go in and do so; then Quentin heads on back to get his car. He goes to check the trunk; there's a strongbox in the wheel well where the spare tire goes. Horatio pops up to intone, "They say that patience is a virtue. And it looks like the cash survived the fire, huh?" Quentin asks if the cops have a warrant; Tripp tells him they don't need it if it's in plain sight. This is why Tripp should have waited until he was off the impound lot before opening his trunk; it would be easier to make the case for police harassment if he weren't anywhere on their property. Horatio says, "There are $3,000, not $15,000 like you said, so what's up?" Quentin speaks ill of the dead: "I thought the bitch might have stolen it out of my safe, and you know what? I was right." Horatio tells him, "Here's the problem with that scenario: we found over 12 sets of prints on that safe -- all you." Quentin doesn't see why anyone should find his own prints on his own safe all that suspicious. Tripp asks if maybe Quentin isn't squirreling away a little cash nightly, and Horatio concludes, "Just like you did last night before you torched the place." Quentin claims he didn't. Horatio's all, "Why don't you let Me decide that? In the meantime, I want you to hear Me. If I find out you did this, if you hired somebody to do this, if you stood there and watched while it happened, I will get you. So right now, I will settle for pandering, but I want you to think about Jill while you're being booked." Just when you think Horatio couldn't get any more pompous, he pulls this paternal crap. Think about what you've done? What is he, Quentin's mom?

Back at the club, Speedle's wandering around piles of debris that have been dragged outside. He prepares to go through the evidence, but gets waylaid by a flashback to the club fire. Or, as I like to call it, remembering what happened last night. These episodes always play fast and loose with the space-time continuum. Alexx comes out with the body, and as Speedle watches them leave, he notices how the door stays propped open even after Alexx lets it fall. Speedle comments, "It's weighted. It should've closed by itself, but it didn't. And it didn't the night of the fire." He has another flashback to last night -- talk about your unnecessary drama. You'd think that these guys spend all their time flashing back to what they had for breakfast that morning. Speedle then goes into the whole "I found this open and got people through it, and it doesn't make sense, blah blah blah." Understandably irritated, Alexx asks, "What are you getting at?" Speedle's getting at this: "Somebody left the club in a hurry, right before the fire, and forgot to shut the door." We flash to that fatal instant. Alexx adds, "And maybe, just after he stabbed our bartender." We flash to that fatal instant again. This is how we figure out that there was blood on the door, and since Speedle was the first one out after the killer, he must have some on the sleeve of his shirt, since he used his sleeve to prevent getting burned by the door handle. Then we flash back to the beginning of that scene. Kidding! No more flashbacks.

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