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Come On, Baby. Light My Fire.

Out in the lobby, Ben (sigh) Browder is twiddling his thumbs. When Delko comes out, we establish that a) Delko called, and b) Ben (sigh) Browder looks as good leaving as he does arriving. Everyone's all right, albeit wracked with survivor's guilt and, in Ben (sigh) Browder's case, really dorky bangs. Delko's all about questioning the money stolen from the safe, and Ben (sigh) Browder mentions how convenient it was for him to stop by, since it was en route to the hospital where he's going to give blood for the victims of the fire. And if this isn't a signal that Ben (sigh) Browder is going down in the next thirty minutes, I don't know what is; the only morally upright people on this show are either the CSIs or the weeping female family members Horatio has chosen to counsel. Anyone else is clearly engaging in elaborate charades to hide their guilt.

Anyway, Ben (sigh) Browder gets fingerprinted, and as Delko is holding his hands, he asks about the chains on the fire exits. Ben (sigh) Browder replies that he didn't like Quentin, but the man did hire him. Delko says that Quentin's already admitted why he chained the doors, and Ben (sigh) Browder gets all contrite and replies, "Yeah, I probably should have said something, but he always told me he hired me for my size, not my opinion." Delko asks what Ben (sigh) Browder's opinion is, and Ben (sigh) Browder tells him, "That my haircut sucks, okay?" Oh, wait. That's my opinion. It's just that it's so distracting. Ben (sigh) Browder's actual opinion is that "Quentin didn't care for the club. Just the women and the money. Sometimes, when he wasn't around, I'd dump the place...to keep it under max occupancy. Make everyone go out, then recount them when they came back in." Delko's impressed, or something.

Cut to a jump-suited Calleigh at the scene. This must be a bad-hair episode, because Calleigh's wearing her hair a la Alice in Wonderland, which seems imprudent at a scene where there may still be residual embers, if not ashes. Anyway, Calleigh asks if the building's talking yet, and Speedle replies that it may be mumbling something, but they can't reconstruct anything until the floor is clean. There's some babble about the fire -- surprise, it started on the stage, and the pattern suggests it was the pyrotechnics that did it. Speedle's off to collect the fireworks and curtain fragments. Calleigh's distracted from collecting the sound-proofing stuff by finding the cassette tape deck with which the DJ recorded his shows. She's going to try to salvage the tape.

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