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Come On, Baby. Light My Fire.

Within seconds, they've all collected evidence and headed back to the lab for a science montage. The montage is notable only in how Speedle doesn't appear to balance his centrifuge, which used to be something of a laboratory no-no where I come from. Once the results are in, Speedle finds Calleigh, but she'd rather show him the audio results from DJ Scorpius's recording. After a few listens -- accompanied by the usual whizzy graphics which illustrate how different layers of sound are lifted and isolated -- they both hear the definite whoosh of accelerant pushing the fire out of control. Calleigh points out that the scent dogs didn't pick up the smell, so it had to be something outside the usual array of accelerants. Well, Speedle's analysis results -- ethanol, sugar cane, and oak tannins -- point to rum. Speedle concludes that the curtain was doused with the stuff.

And now, DJ Scorpius is in the house. After a few seconds of hilariously bad fronting -- this guy as about as street as Disney's Main Street USA -- DJ Scorpius, a.k.a. Mason from Aspen, points out that yes, he knows it doesn't look good that he was the first one out of the club, but he'll forever live with the knowledge that people who paid to see him spin are dead. Yes, but anyone who paid to see DJ Scorpius was either too stupid or too taste-impaired to live, so he shouldn't be so hard on himself that way. He should save his self-loathing for his spinning skillz. We then move on to the pyro portion of questioning: he uses standard 8x10 -- it burns ten feet high for eight seconds. He adds, "Nine-volt triggers it, ignites black powder and titanium particles. It practically burns cold, man. I mean, the tip of a match is hotter. You can put your hand right through it." Calleigh's all, "Yeah, but a spark's a spark, and you seem to know all about it." DJ Scorpius counters that that would be because it's his job to know about it.

Horatio and Fireman Fred -- also known as Ronnie -- are talking about the soundproofing, and we learn that it wasn't up to code last month, but Quentin claimed he fixed it during the re-inspection. Bizarrely, Ronnie took him at his word. You'd think that fire inspectors would be a little more hard-ass about these things, but Ronnie claims there's a gentleman's agreement in place. Horatio points out, "Our guy is no gentleman." They look over the burn damage and conclude that Quentin violated the gentleman's agreement. Ronnie's all torn up inside.

Calleigh and Speedle are back in their jumpsuits and back at the club. Now that the room's clear, they can make headway on determining the cause of the fire, since Miami PD's arson investigation unit is apparently off fishing in the Keys. Speedle and Calleigh study the burn pattern and conclude that -- shocker! -- someone poured rum on the curtains. The curtains were on the floor at the time. Speedle and Calleigh follow the floor-based pour pattern to a small room which hasn't been cleared yet. As they enter, Horatio materializes and asks if his underlings have found anything yet. Everyone notices how the burn pattern is high outside, yet low here. Horatio asks if anyone else smells something funny. Speedle's all, "It's burnt flesh. It's everywhere." Horatio replies, "Yeah, but it's more pronounced in here, isn't it?" Well, that would be because there's a body buried beneath all the rubble. Everyone thinks it's the missing bartender, and offers up their theories as to what his crispy corpse is during buried beneath the rubble. Horatio lifts up the guy's arm, and we see all the blood on his shirt; Calleigh notes that there's an awful lot of blood for a burn victim. Horatio replies, "There certainly is a lot of blood. Someone could have started a fire to cover a murder!"

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