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In the next scene, we see Megan taking DNA samples. Then we see Horatio pinning up pictures and schematics on a board -- it's clearly meant to map out the crime scene -- and bidding whomever knocked to come in. It's Megan, looking around what was her old office and quipping, "You ought to give me the name of your decorator." Horatio replies, "It's just a phone and a desk when we're not in the field." We find out tjat there's not a whole lot of new information on the captain, and that Megan has "DNA results from the skin cell [beat] sample we collected off [beat] Elena DeSoto's rope. Somebody else tied that tourniquet." Horatio says, "Well, duh," only more nicely. Megan's back to insisting that Science Trumps A Hunch by insisting, "No, we [beat] know that now. [beat] There's significant [beat] commonality in the markers." Except that one is XX and the other is XY. Oh, gosh, have we now proved that Pedro tied that tourniquet? Or merely confirmed the obvious?

And now, on to one of the episode's more baffling interactions. Delko stops Calleigh in the hall and sheepishly asks her if he can crash at her place that night: "I'm trying to keep a low profile, and H has stirred up the neighborhood." Calleigh's expression indicates that if it were August 25, 1968, she'd drop him off outside the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Calleigh tells Delko, "You know how he is -- he's like a dog with a bone." Nice way to avoid the question, Calleigh. Delko counters that Horatio may need to learn how to let go. Maybe one of those posters with the butterfly and the "if you love something, let it go..." motto would work. Contact Horatio's decorator, Delko. He explains, "This girl's family doesn't care about solving the crime. Their niece is already dead. They're thinking, we've got to protect the living." Calleigh thinks that makes sense. She heads over the bullet-scope, looking through the lens, as Delko stays in the doorway, still wearing the "please, let me come over" expression. Finally, without looking at him, she grins and says, "On the couch. And no midnight tiptoes." Delko grins too, then nods. He's sidling up behind her, and Calleigh's not exactly unaware or opposed to this, so she tells him to check out the bullets she's looking at. She tells us all that the bullet in Elena DeSoto's leg matches the bullet in Juan Doe's torso and the shell they dug out of the wall of the boat. Delko looks about as haunted as he ever does and says, "It must have been some massacre on that boat." We see a likely scenario, as engineered by one very busy shooter. Calleigh's back on the bullet beat, so Delko turns around and heads off to tell Speedle where he's spending the night. As he hits the door, Calleigh asks off-handedly, "Did your parents make that journey?" Delko stops in the door and smiles again as he replies, "Actually, we all did." Calleigh jerks up from the scope and looks at him. Delko elaborates, "I was in my mother's belly." He smiles slightly, then heads off. Calleigh smiles back and turns her attention to the bullet again.

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