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Cut to Horatio and Megan, walking in front of the Moscone Center in San Francisco. My bad! It's merely the outside of the headquarters on a very foggy night. Like, banks of fog just rolling on by. After Horatio recounts the story for Megan, she asks why he kept the gun. "Sharks," Horatio replies. At this point, I am too beaten down to even pick up on this. Megan and her pants ask Horatio, "So what did the state attorney offer him?" Pedro will be getting citizenship upon testifying, which he will be taking with a heavy heart. Megan then reports that "we" finally cracked the code: "NM 28-30. New moon, twenty-eighth to the thirtieth, end of the month." Horatio notes, "No light, here or Havana. Perfect for smuggling. Freedom is right, though, isn't it, under any moon?" "Well said," Megan replies, and the two of them part ways under a full moon that gradually wanes. As for that poor guy in the shark, the one with the gynecomastia? We never find out who he is. I imagine it ends that way for a lot of people -- dying anonymous and alone in that stretch of water. Too bad we couldn't take a moment to memorialize them too.

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